Five Things That Make A Marketing Video Effective

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Videos are now an essential marketing tool for every business, serving to engage, motivate and inspire consumers to take action. Marketing videos also help businesses position themselves as industry leaders and subject-matter experts, increasing their credibility with both their customers and their peers.

Here are the five key elements that make a marketing video effective:

Tell A Story

Effective marketing videos don’t shamelessly advertise a product or service, they tell a compelling story about why the viewer should care about a particular product or service using words, images and music. Great videos include a clear, consistent message that appeals to audience emotions, concluding with a subtle call-to-action that inspires viewers to do something; purchase a product, call for more information or share the video using social media tools.

Audience Engagement

Ever wonder why those short, snappy videos of playful kittens, cute baby pandas and talking dogs go viral, grabbing the attention of millions of viewers worldwide? It’s because these viral videos play on our anticipation, compelling viewers to stay glued to their screens, watching to see what happens next. To create an effective marketing video, you also need to engage your audience, convincing them that they simply can’t afford to click away from your video. Encourage viewers to share your video with embedded social media radio buttons and links to your website.

Provide Real Solutions

Consumers now turn to the Internet for answers first, looking for immediate solutions to everything from legal problems to ideas about how to cook a vegan dinner for 12. Successful corporate video production companies know that great marketing videos help solve specific business problems, delivering real-life solutions to their viewers. Businesses that deliver real, tangible solutions through their marketing videos are perceived by consumers as creditable and honest, two major selling points among today’s cynical shoppers.

Keep It Simple

When you’re marketing online, remember that you’re dealing with an audience that has a short attention span – focus your message and avoid the temptation to fill your video with too much dialogue, overpowering music or excessive imagery. Limit the length of each video, splitting longer segments into separate snippets that are easy for viewers to watch and digest. A long video is usually a turn-off for viewers; remember that many viewers are looking for short, simple snippets to watch on their smartphones, tablets or laptops during their morning commute or while passing time waiting for an appointment. Chances are good that viewers will be multi-tasking while watching your marketing video, so don’t count on having their full attention.

Focus on Production Quality

Poor production quality can kill the effectiveness of any marketing video, regardless of how engaging it is or how many solutions it provides. A corporate video production company will ensure your video is correctly edited and produced, protecting your professional image while encouraging viewers to watch your clip. Shaky images, poor audio quality and sloppy editing are major turn-offs for consumers, leading them to develop negative connotations about the business associated with the video.

Done correctly, a marketing video is an effective, powerful tool that can be used to grow your business, engage customers and build your reputation as a creditable, professional source.

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