Flipping Them Like Pancakes One After Another – "Best SEO" Practices to Catapult You Online Business

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Hello and welcome to my article, I just want to talk with you for a minute about on page SEO and Off page SEO.

When done right it can catapult the results you’re getting right now. This will be a one way conversation but my hope is that you leave with value.

Let’s take a deeper look and solve this from the beginning so you won’t have to experience the same pains I did…

Blog Comments Done Right: This is essential if you want high page rank backlinks. Don’t spam sites because those backlinks don’t help at all. Blog commenting can give your site the highest page ranks available if you search diligently and patiently for the right ones.

.EDU and.GOV links are really powerful links, so try and get a few of these for you post and it will rise to the tops of the search results extremely fast, especially if the competition is “medium”

Blog Network Syndication: This is another powerful way to drive backlinks to a site that has 200 plus pages. When you’re back linking this many pages it’s important to automate this by using software. There are some good services available just Google them and you’ll find it “blog network software”

All in one SEO pack: This is a vital plugin no matter what your site is being used for. This allows your post to be more organized along with the titles. It’s great for SEO, actually it’s perfect and extremely powerful for SEO but it’s beneficial for you site just for organization reasons alone.

I remember when I started and created my first blog, I didn’t know my head from foot so this was like a huge leap for me. Finally I had my first couple blogs done after two week and I was feeling kind of good about myself. Not until my pages were struggling to rank did I go on a serious search for help to get better results. This is one of the plugins that made my site look professional in the search results, so try it out!

Because this organizes the site so well it will naturally make it SEO friendly and search engines will just bring your pages and post to the top for relevancy.

Off page and on page SEO: If you’re like me and hate doing things that take too long and are boring then understand that I can relate. But once a few things are in place you can just do it all from mere habit and consistency, all of a sudden you’re doing it with your eyes closed and flipping them like pancakes one after another – post after post and page after page!

Hope you found value in this, talk again sometime soon…

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