Free Websites: Worth It?

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There are many internet based providers that offer to develop free websites. Just because the cost is zero does not mean that the sites they produce are worth having. Free website providers are not all the same, and if you do not look out for your own best interests, you could end up with a site worth less than the nothing you paid for it.

So Many Ads

One way some providers of free websites make a profit is by stuffing your website with ads that have nothing to do with your business. The extra adds clutter your website, make it look cheap and make visitors want to leave. You don’t want it to be that attractive and easy for visitors to your website to click away to a different site. Once they click away they probably won’t be back.

In addition, unrelated third-party advertisements, whether text-only or banner ads, make your site annoying, garish and unprofessional. Not the qualities you want for your site. A no-cost web site that does not attract long term customers will not do you any good.

Read the Fine Print

Be careful to read the fine print in the website provider’s agreement. If you fail to do so, you could discover that by agreeing to the Terms of Use of that company, you have signed away the rights to the images, videos and content that you publish on your website.

Also beware of clauses allowing the service provider to drop your website at their own discretion and with no notice if the site receives too many visitors. Providers often include those clauses because they don’t have the equipment to handle high volume websites. If return visitors to your website can’t find your site because it is down, more than half of them will not return to try again. Don’t expect either patience or loyalty from web users. If they want something, and can’t get it from your site, they’ll just click over to some other website which contains what they want.

Forced Upgrades to Paid Services

Many providers of free websites allow you to begin with a free plan, but after an initial period, they make you upgrade to a paid plan. If you don’t or can’t pay, they can close your site. If you let them close your site, you may find that you can’t retrieve your website content. All the work you put into the lost content could be out the window.

Relax, It Can Be Better!

Fortunately, there are some good free website providers available that offer fabulous looking websites with no deceptive fine print. Check out

It is important to do your research before making arrangements with a website provider that is offering a free service. Be sure the company you choose will be there for you, with service that is both affordable and high-quality.

If you want to learn more about what can happen when you use an inferior website provider, take a look at this video:

For more information about free websites, visit

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