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Webmasters who seek to improve their Google ranking for keywords through dubious methods such as link farms, auto-generated content, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages etc. do others and themselves a disservice. Firstly, they undermine Google’s efforts to deliver quality search results. Secondly, their gains are quickly lost as search engines become more adept at circumventing these ploys. Marketers, who are in the business for the long haul, wisely ignore these methods, preferring the sanctioned methods which when used consistently will produce results that last.

Search results in Google are either organic(natural) or sponsored.

Sponsored links are charged based on Cost-per-click and the price you bid for the keyword determines where and how often your advertisement is seen. On the other hand, organic results are free and more likely to be clicked on. Studies indicate that links appearing in the 1st page will receive close to 90% of the traffic with the top result getting over 40% from that. This explains the interest in SEO.

The Googlebot(crawler) searches the internet for web pages and stores them into indexes. For a page to rank well, it must be indexed by Google, match the terms in the search, be optimized(contain keyword in its title tags, content,anchor text and an authority(measured by number of links from high ranking sites)

To optimize your web pages for a keyword, you;

* Pick keywords to optimize based on how relevant it is to your product, how often they are used to search and competition for the keyword. Measure the conversion rate for different keywords by a Pay per click campaign.

* Incorporate the keyword in your webpages(titles, meta description, URL) Information in meta tags do not affect a page’s ranking but they may appear in the snippet in the user’s query.

* Use it for domain name and it will be in URLs of all pages

* Use it for headings and tag it as a heading

Besides tweaking your pages, other offpage SEO tactics are

* Creating compelling and unique content will get your page links posted on social media and blogs. Not all backlinks are equal. Those from high ranking pages obviously carry more weight. Likewise links in anchor text that contain your targeted keyword. The SEO authority will not increase linearly according to the number of links, if the links are all on the same page but will taper off at a point.

* Setting the ‘rel’ value of commenters links to ‘nofollow’ in your pages will tell the Googlebot not to award those sites any SEO credit at your expense. Spammy links can potentially dilute your ranking. This happens so frequently in blogs that the ‘nofollow’ setting is the default

The factors that impact value of backlinks are;

  • Authority of page where link is
  • No follow attribute
  • Value of links diminishes according to number if they are found on same page
  • Anchor text or clickable text containing your targeted keywords carry more weight

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