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One of the most important uses of AdWords is for researching keywords. However, smart you may be, it is difficult to read the mind of your users. Many times they use the most unexpected of keywords and phrases leaving you in a stance. When SEO is all a game of finding the right keywords and using them appropriately, it becomes all the more necessary to find the right ones. AdWords let you find exactly the right keywords which your audience searches for. ‘Google AdWords Keyword Tool’ helps you precisely in that. You just need to enter your site URL and this tool automatically gives you the relevant keywords in its results page.

It is better to focus on a few selected keywords rather than all of them. The next step involves finding keywords easy to optimize with a decent search volume. This is done by opening and placing these keywords one by one to study the results. After collecting the web results, it is divided by global search volume to find the ones that can be easily optimized. Now it is time to start your SEO campaign.

You also need to verify whether these keywords work for you or not. Sometimes the most precise of them don’t work in practice, so you have to test them. You will never know their feasibility without testing them.

AdWords also get you better rankings in Click Through Rate (CTR). If your CTR is low, you will not be able to monetize your traffic even when you get it. The reason for that is inapt title and description. AdWords will get you an even better CTR in your existing rankings because when you are satisfied with your performance, you keep making changes in your title and description until you reach the maximal CTR for your keywords. Eventually, you will end up getting the right combination. Now you need to copy this as your title and description of your page in order to get the most out of your organic search CTR. The mantra is that you should not give up easily on your quest to find that right combination.

AdWords also help in geo-targeting. Google Analytics is used to compare the convertibility of many geographical locations. Quite expectedly, there are many discrepancies in the conversions of different countries for the same set of keywords. One keyword which works for one country might not work for another. Therefore, Google Analytics will tell you more about the countries converting more to help you make a decision of investing more of your time on them. Use of geographically apt key words or even creating local pages for these locations gets you good conversion rates.

Hence, the utility of AdWords is proved not only for advertisers, but also for SEO experts. In fact, it is the most valuable tool in the hands of SEO experts saving their time and money as well. Furthermore, it gives them the insight to optimize the words which do not work.

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