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Hello and welcome to my article, I just want to talk with you for a minute about some basic Keyword tips to catapult the results you’re getting now. This will be a one way conversation but my hope is that you leave with value.

It’s no fun to get this wrong on the first jump, I did for a long time and I paid heavily. If you get this wrong in the beginning nothing else you do works. The traffic won’t come, the sales page won’t convert and the results will be minimal at best. People find this challenging mainly because there are a few moving parts you must get right. Once these are in place everything else just falls into place almost automatically.

Keyword research is a very profitable strategy to use in your business. Once you learn this simple skill you can transfer it to wherever you’d like. There are many areas where this will come in handy and it will make your marketing more effective.

Let’s take a deeper look and solve this from the beginning before it gets out of control

Relevant Matches: Let’s just jump right in and say buyer keywords are what’s going to make you cash online, ok?

Buyer keywords are words that relate with pain and finding a solution. An example is “how to cure my yeast infection” or “toe nail fungus remedies”, every niche has keywords that relate to pain and finding a solution.

Once you found a great buyer keyword, you should stick with this and dig deeper. A great place to start is typing this keyword into the search engine “toe nail fungus remedies”, then look at the left panel you should find Relevant Matches to this keyword. Sift through the results and you will find more nuggets!

Competition: People have different views on this. I find it pretty straight forward, maybe because I know a few things but once you learn them (and it’s easy to learn) you will also find it easy to analyze the completion. Here are 2 critical things to look out for.

Backlinks: Depending on the amount of backlinks going to the page, this will determine how hard it is to rank above these listings. The backlinks to the whole website doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters are the ones to the post.

Titles: Be sure to check how many websites are going after this exact search term. You can see this by typing in the keyword and clicking search. One the results come up if every site has the “toe nail fungus remedies” in the very beginning of their title then it will be a bit more difficult.

They could possibly be going after the same term, but don’t lose heart because you can still out rank them!

Hope you found value in this, talk again sometime soon…

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