How International Domains Can Aid Your Business

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.com is the most widely used domain on the Internet, and most websites you browse across will be one of these. However, many people overlook the benefits that can arise from using a country-code top-level domain, and in this article I will outline the benefits and why they are useful as a standalone domain or a redirection to you .com.

International domains can help you gain higher rankings on regional Google sites.

On regionally based Google sites such at, they give a greater preference to extensions of that area. This means that if you have a particular audience based in a certain country/continent, it can help if you have your domain name with those extensions. This can direct the traffic you want in your direction, and can help with Search Engine Optimization for those websites. Proof of this can be seen in a random search of ‘hardware stores’.

When searched on, the first five extensions are as follows:. org,, .com, .com,

When searched on, the first five extensions are as follows: .ca, .ca, .com, .ca, .com.

Seeing as Google automatically redirects to the country that you are in, people will almost always have the results of their regional Google unless they choose otherwise. Due to this it can be a good idea to consider international domains when trying to get traffic directed to your website.

Another advantage of international domains is that it opens a wider choice of names. Seeing that there are over 150,000,000 domain names registered in the world, over 100,000,000 of those being .com, there can be a great limitation in name choice. All the best .com names have already been registered, leaving many businesses struggling to choose a domain name that will work. For this reason you should take advantage of international domains that have a greater variety of names still available for registration.

Registration of international domain names as an addition to your .com can help you with brand protection through the Internet. By securing your brand name on as many international extensions as possible you can stop third party companies from potentially ruining your brands reputation.

In conclusion, it is a good idea to invest in international domains as they can be beneficial for your company. Make sure that you take advantage of what they have to offer your business.

If you are convinced that international domains are for you, then head on over to For fact sheets about ccTLDs, click here.

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