How Press Release Writing Could Comply With SEO Needs?

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Press Release (PR) writing has always been a good tool to buzz something special within the public. Though it had been modified over a period of time as per the need of the related media yet, its basic writing formula is still the same i.e. five W’s (Who, what, when, where, why).

All of the media discoveries have revolutionized the world at par, but internet has totally revolutionized everything. It has brought the power of journalist into the hands of every single person. Now every single person or a business can buzz the world in their own way.

On internet, PR is not only used to buzz people but also to increase business. This business increment mainly occurs by optimizing the PR writing on the basis of certain specified keywords, which ultimately help in increasing the rank of the website.

As it is mentioned earlier that the methods of PR writing are still the same, but there is little extra to be added for an SEO based PR writing. We are going to discuss the same below:

Identify required Keywords:
In every SEO plan, keywords are like the jugular vein. Therefore, this is really something very important to be considered about. Whole building of the SEO campaign basically stands on the keywords. So, before preparing to write a PR, do select your best keywords.

Topics Selection:
After identification of keywords, your next point of consideration for your PR writing is the topic. In fact, the importance of your PR is based on the topic you chose to write about. It can be anything you feel important to announce like launching of new setup, a new product, changing of company address etc.

Title Selection:
Title is something worth mentioning in any SEO campaign. As much your title would be interested that much your PR would be able to fetch the audience. Moreover, as much your title is optimized using the keywords that much it will be able to rank high in the search engine ranking.

Summary of PR writing:
Summary is another important thing in PR writing. It should contain a two to three lines crux of the whole PR. This summary is for those who want to get the whole idea within few words. The summary should also be optimized using the selected keywords.

Body of PR:
This is the main part, where comes the whole thing. You write complete details of your PR which should be summed up in 300 words. Here again you need to include your keywords for optimization.

Brief Introduction of your company:
After finishing the body, do give your organization’s introduction in brief, so that, everybody could know the basic source of PR.

Details of Contact Person:
Don’t forget to mention contact person and its particular details at the end of your PR writing. So that anyone interested in contacting could contact conveniently.

Your next considerable point is the publication of your PR, for the purpose you can use free or paid PR online distributors or can hire a company for your PR distribution as per need. Effective PR writing could really give a special ranking to your website in the search engines. Therefore, do not take this important SEO tool lightly.

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