How to Choose a Trusted Hosting Provider and the Right Hosting Plan

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Unskilled webmasters and site owners rarely pay a due attention to web hosting. That’s a mistake. If you have never had sleepless nights because of hosting downtime, you are lucky. Believe me, you will be mad at the world around you when seeing “Page cannot be displayed” instead of the site itself. You contact customer support and get the usual “Sorry for inconveniences, we are experiencing tech problems”. However, your visitors and customers do not care at all! In fact, you may lose huge money during one night of downtime, especially if your site sells products, especially if this happens during a high shopping season or Black Friday. Thus, having a reliable hosting provider is a must if you earn money with your sites. Here are a few helpful tips on choosing trusted hosting companies and hosting plans that perfectly suit your needs.

The first thing you will have to deal with is a huge number of various hosting providers. In fact, you will never lack available options. Moreover, all providers promise 100% uptime, unlimited bandwidth and disc space, efficient customer service and incredibly low prices. It is too good to be true? Yes, it is. Bear in mind that 100% uptime is virtually impossible. It can be 99.5% of 99.8% but never 100%. The same concerns bandwidth and disc space.

When choosing a suitable hosting plan, take into consideration your real needs. Why overpay for a dedicated hosting if you own a few sites with a daily traffic of 1000 visitors? A simple shared hosting plan is what you need in such a case. Make sure you may add multiple domains to your hosting plan. As a rule, hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth and disc space. However, when you start getting an enormous amount of traffic, you will surely get a notification from the hosting provider to upgrade your current plan.

Reputation of a hosting provider is all important. Unfortunately, there are companies that do not care much of their customers. Yes, they will offer their excuses. However this does not solve frequent problems. Yes, they will promise to resolve problems asap. Yet, this may take an hour or several hours. Meanwhile, your visitors will see “page cannot be displayed”.

Luckily, there are plenty of hosting reviews sites with more or less truthful reviews. Sure, some posts are fake, i.e. they were written for money. So, if you located a review site with all positive opinions on a certain hosting provider, something is wrong with this site. The best option is to ask for advice from real webmasters and site owners, for example, to visit specialized forums.

I recommend buying a trial plan for a month, so your hands are not tired up and you can choose another provider in case the recent one proved to be a total mess.

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