How to Ensure Your SEO Campaign’s Success

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Every business needs to have an online site even if it is just for getting contact information into customer’s hands. Some sites are constructed to have electronic shopping carts so that customers have the convenience of online shopping. No matter how detailed a site is, or is not, if a webmaster does not use proper SEO strategies there will be no traffic from which the business owner can benefit. There are a large number of SEO techniques which can be useful in optimizing a site. Sometimes the trouble is in selecting the ones that will be most beneficial for the current site. There are a few that are unquestionably necessary to ensure the success of an SEO campaign. Here are the techniques that should be used every time.

Keyword Research

Every time a project is started or a new site is being constructed, keyword research should be conducted. There are some free versions of some of the most popular tools used for doing this research. The paid versions are exceptional tools to help you isolate the keywords that are appropriate for your project, but the free versions can be beneficial as well if you are on a tight budget. Using the right keywords can be one of the most important factors to launching an SEO campaign. When selecting them try to think like someone would if they were trying to find your product or service.

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Every page of the site needs to have a page title; this is perhaps one of the most important of all the on-page SEO strategies. It is highly unlikely that a page will have a high ranking for a primary term if it is not part of the title. The meta description tag isn’t going to help the page ranking in itself. However, when the site’s URL is displayed as a result of a search, the meta description will be displayed beneath it. Because it may be the first impression a person gets of your site or page it is important to write it carefully and strategically using your main keywords.

Choosing a URL

Many people just look for a catchy phrase for their URL. While this can be cute and some people will remember it you really want to concentrate on using a main keyword or something that is very simple for users to remember. You can use hyphens but do not use underscores. It is important to not have such a difficult URL that users cannot remember it after they have left your page, especially if you want them to return. Do not overdo it with the URL; keep it simple and to the point. If you use too many hyphens or extremely long names it can look spam and there are many users who will not be eager to click on it from the results pages.

Site Map Page

If the pages cannot be crawled, then the spiders cannot index them. It is very important to have a site map so that the spiders will be able to find all the pages of the site. You also need it to set up the hierarchy of the site. It will also come in very handy if there are any parts of the navigation menu that has difficulties. For sites which are extremely large it is beneficial to make several different site map pages. Each of these site map pages should be less than 100 links. Just to stay on the safe side, I would keep it at about 75.

These are four of the most important features of an SEO campaign which should be incorporated into every site. While these are not all of the techniques available or that should be used in any one campaign, they are essential to every SEO campaign.

Najaf Irshad Bhatti

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