How to Improve Your Local Ranking With Google+

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Google is putting a lot of effort into getting Google+ off the ground. While growth for the online social network has been steady, the site has yet to really reach the levels of usership that would put the site in competition with Facebook. Still, Google is the world’s leading search engine, and this gives new social media platform a lot of potential when it comes to growing your business. Recently, Google has converted all Google Places into Google+ Local properties, and they have improved customer-business interactions by facilitating customer reviews.


With a strategy designed to draw more attention to Google+, search engine giant has turned Google Places into Google+ Local properties. Roughly 80 million Google Places worldwide were converted in order to improve coordination search rankings and Maps results and to more closely integrate a searchers results with their geographical location. Seemingly, the people at Google are aiming to merge the search engine with their struggling social network.

Google+ Local creates interactive content pages that business owners can use to more effectively communicate with their current and prospective customers. Local pages are more versatile and interdependent than their Google Places ancestors. These pages are also more visually appealing while allowing for the presentation of a wider variety of information. Local businesses will be able to attract followers, message them, and engage in a range of social interactions that Google Places did not support. As such, business owners should be prepared to develop their Google+ Local pages to enhance the connections they have with their customers.

Improve your Local Ranking

A Google+ Local page is crucial to improving your local ranking on Google searches. If you already have a listing, you were likely automatically upgraded to Google+ Local. Nevertheless, to check, simply visit and search for your business. Select the “more info” link and you will be directed to your Google+ Local page. You can then edit your listing by logging into your Google Places profile.

In order to improve your local ranking, you will need to customize your Google+ Local page. You should follow the principles of search engine optimization (SEO), but you should also list a phone number with a local area code, utilize a consistent address and phone number, and display your address and phone number on your website. As Google searches become more intelligent, this information will help the search engine identify your site as local to potential (or current) customers. Including these physical location properties on your webpage and your Google+ Local page is an easy way to improve your local ranking.

Moreover, if you have multiple business locations, you should create a page for each location. Each of these pages should have a home page optimized for that location by specifying location information in your meta description, content, images, and other SEO elements.

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