How To Reduce Bandwidth Usage and Conserve Disk Space On Your Hosting Account

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Hosting can be expensive, particularly if you are using a lot of bandwidth or disk space. Having lots of files for download of videos can eat up costly hosting space, leaving you with a large bill eating in to your online profits.

What if you could reduce the amount of bandwidth and disk space you were using which would reduce your costs and increase your profits from your online businesses?

Save With Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a life changing service for anyone who hosts a website. It allows you to store files, videos and even your websites if you so wanted. At the time of writing they offer 5GB free storage and only charge you for what you use over that. If you are delivering large files or videos from your website, then this can be a bit money saver.

One of the major benefits of using S3 is the speed increase – instead of relying on the speed from your server within your hosts datacenter, you instead benefit from the massive Internet connections Amazon have in their datacenters.

So not only do you get to save money, but you also deliver your videos and files faster to your clients, which improves satisfaction. Plus, you won’t be getting any more of those bandwidth exceeded messages when people try to access your website.

To give you an idea of how much you can save, one marketer moved his download delivery to Amazon S3 and his hosting bill want from $450 a month down to $20 a month for the S3 hosting. Also, his customers were happier because the download speeds increased further!

Offload Video To YouTube

If you host sales letter videos or any videos on your hosting then it can cost you a lot in bandwidth, particularly if you end up with a lot of traffic.

YouTube is an excellent place to offload your videos to and let YouTube take the strain. This benefits you in a two main ways.

Firstly, your bandwidth utilization will drop dramatically as you aren’t streaming videos from your website.

Secondly, your videos can generate traffic for you from YouTube, meaning your video will generate you traffic from people viewing it outside of your website! Obviously, this is a good thing to help you get more visitors to your website.

Offsite Backups

If you are backing up your website then you may be leaving copies of the backup on your website which take up expensive disk space. Instead of backing up to your own website, backup somewhere else such as Amazon S3, another website, or to your computer.

If you use WordPress then there are plugins which will automatically backup your website for you. Some of these will email you your backup files or copy it to Amazon S3. Both of these will save a lot of disk space and allow you to take regular backups of your website and keep your website secure.

Remove Unwanted Files

We all end up leaving files on our websites from testing different layouts or pages, or testing applications. These are taking up valuable disk space and costing you money! Just by clearing out unwanted files you can sometimes save some good disk space.

If you run software on your website, check if it is creating backups that are eating up your disk space. For example, the translation plugins in WordPress eat disk space by creating a new page in every language on your website. If you are translating 50 websites then your disk space usage instantly increases by 50 times!

Check these types of plugins and applications to see whether there are any compression options to reduce the disk space usage or whether you can compress these types of directories on your web hosting.

Some applications create regularly backups of databases or other critical data, and again, this can eat disk space if you are not aware of it. A recent check on one website revealed an autoresponder software was taking up over 1GB of disk space from backups it was making of the databases!

Your bandwidth and disk space with your web hosting company is a valuable resource. By taking some simple steps and precautions you will be able to reduce your usage of this and save some money. This money can be diverted into expanding your business or in to your pocket for enjoying life more!

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