Internet Banner Ads – Annoying, But Effective?

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For anyone who has ever surfed the web, Internet banner ads can be really annoying. Especially if they are animated, talk, or automatically expand down to show the full ad when you are trying to read a news story. Yes, they are an incredible nuisance, but are they still effective? The answer depends on who you ask. Now, if you were to ask an advertising executive, they would likely say yes they are effective. However, if you were to ask just a regular consumer who surfs the web if they think they are effective, they would likely say no, even though those ads do stick in their minds. So, really, are they effective at all?

To understand whether or not Internet banner ads are effective, you have to first understand how the human mind works. When we are doing something that either we want to do or that needs to be done, we do not like any type of interruption. We want to get it done without anything getting in our way. Anything that does get in our way of accomplishing our task is automatically bad. It really does not matter if the banner ad is effective at this point, because it has already made the consumer mad. However, these are the ads that most consumers remember because they usually are all over the Internet. So, while it may not be effective in endearing your brand to the consumer, it is effective in the way that the consumer will remember your name.

The advertising executive views Internet banner ads in a different manner. They see the fact that they are annoying to consumers as a good thing. It is kind of like a song you hear on the radio. At first you can’t stand it, but then after hearing it about 20 times, you are singing along with it despite yourself. This is the way that these ads are seen as well. Yes, they are annoying the first few times they interrupt your time on the Internet, but after seeing them for so long, the brand becomes imbedded in your mind and will cause you to be more likely to buy that product or use that service.

So, Internet banner ads… annoying? Yes. Effective? Arguably yes. If you are going to advertise on the Internet this is the way to start out. The cost is relatively low compared to other types of Internet ads and it can help drive up sales and revenue even if it is annoying to the consumer.

So, Internet banner ads… annoying? Yes. Effective? Arguably yes.

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