Is Your Banner Advertising Helping Your Business?

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Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a popular way to advertise your business online. With a banner advertisement you can attract visitors to your website from elsewhere, either by advertising your products and services or by promoting a special offer.

What is a banner ad?

A banner advertisement is just a type of hyperlink, using a graphic instead of text. In its simplest form, a person looking at a website sees a graphic advert (which can include images and/or text), running above, below or to the side of the main content.

When that person clicks on the banner ad, just like a text hyperlink, they’re taken to the advertiser’s website.

What are the different kinds of Banner Advertisements?

1. Wide and short, running along the top or bottom of a page – these are the traditional ‘banner’ shape

2. An even bigger version of the banner called a ‘leaderboard’

3. Very long and thin banners, running down the side of page – these are also called ‘skyscrapers’.

How do I get my banner ads seen?

Banner adverts are displayed on other websites. There are three basic ways to make this happen.

1. Dealing with websites directly

2. Joining a banner advert exchange program – where you agree to show adverts on your website in return for your ads being shown elsewhere joining a banner ad network – these

3. Joining a banner ad network – this works like a ‘broker’ between advertisers and websites that want to show advertisements.

What is the cost of banner advertising?

For advertisers, there are many different aspects that have to be considered – but most importantly, what is the cost of your Banner Advertising against the actual earning power

Banner advertising usually works on a ‘cost per click’ (CPC) basis. This means you have to pay a fee to the website displaying your advert for every person that clicks on it.

Or you might pay for each time the banner ad is shown, whether or not someone clicks on it. This is called ‘cost per impression’ (CPI).

In a banner exchange program you don’t pay – you have to show other people’s banner adverts on your own website for free instead.

The most cost effective option is to combine both advertising and publishing in a single program – pay to have your own advertising banners hosted and also earn revenue from the advertising needs of others.

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