It Don’t Matter What Your Video Looks Like!

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The Fashion Police just voted Tina Fey best dressed at Sunday’s 2012 Emmy Awards.

The comment from Joan Rivers? “Tina finally got it right!”

You see, for many years Tina Fey has been well known for being a fashion DON’T!

So why was she a star in spite of her appearance? Because she’s a dynamite script writer!

That’s how important scriptwriting is.

DON’T: Wing It

When you create a video for your business, how much time do you spend writing your script?

You already know your content inside and out, so why is it necessary to even write an actual script. It sounds so formal doesn’t it?

Besides, script writing is the non-glamorous part of video. It’s a lot more fun to make it look pretty and shiny!

Maybe you should just “wing it”. Well, if you wing it, here’s what could happen. You could:

  • Ramble on and on and bore your viewers.
  • Talk too little and confuse your viewers.
  • Get tongue tied and forget important things.
  • Forget steps, double back, repeat them, and create a jumbled mess which no one can follow.
  • Give away too much information.
  • Waste time recording your video because you don’t have the script nailed down.
  • Use industry jargon that confuses the viewer and makes them feel dumb.

All of these mis-steps cause your viewer to be distracted. And if your viewer becomes distracted, you’ll lose them for the rest of your video.

DO: Write a Script

Writing a script is KEY to your video’s success in many ways, some of which you may not anticipate:

  • Any extra crap can be eliminated.
  • Writing and rehearsing your script will allow you to immediately see and hear what is and what is NOT working with your content. If YOU start to get bored or find your mind wandering off, you can be sure your listeners will be doing the same.
  • You will be much more fluent and concise in discussing your topic not only during the video, but also in face to face situations.
  • Your confidence with your topic will soar.
  • You will know which key points to emphasize.
  • A script will allow you to create a logical sequence which listeners can follow.
  • Writing a script will force you to consider what is important and what is not. And lead you to a logical easily understandable conclusion.

The Script is More Important Than the Visuals!

The perfect script is where your target audience starts to listen at the beginning because their attention is engaged, and there is an inherent smooth flow in the script that just keeps them listening and listening and listening, right until they get to the end.

That’s what we want for YOUR video.

And that’s NOT something that we can just do on a whim. It has to be thought out, well written and have flow.

In fact, the script is way more important than the visuals in your video. Just like Tina Fey’s writing was the key to her success, NOT her fashion.

And now lucky girl, she’s got both!

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