Online Video Marketing – What’s The Secret To Get Traffic With Video?

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There is NO SECRET to Online Video Marketing. You guessed it right. However, I do have some cool tips to give you. But before we get into that let me just break the myth thing down.

When you see some videos online and I’ve been looking a lot recently and I’ve found some really cool marketers online. Some of these marketers have a heck a lot of views and I keep thinking to myself how the hell do they do that. Are they paying for ads? Do they have a large subscriber base on the video sharing site? These are some of the questions I ask myself.

Believe it or not I found one or two marketers and I thought to myself these guys don’t do video marketing, so how the hell are they getting so many fringing views? I asked myself. It turns out that after I did some extra digging I found out that one of these marketers preloads follow up emails in his auto responder with links back to some of his videos. Some of these videos have over 40,000 views and I’m like OK that makes a lot more sense. If you have a list of 30+ thousand subscribers and everyday you’re getting anything between 30-50 subscribers a day and each of those subscribers are viewing some of these videos then of course you’re going to be building those views. Yes you would be getting a lot of views and at this point you already have them as a lead. So you’re just building up your views and your social proof and you’re building up the ranking of your videos. Because the more views you get the more your channel is seen as authority.

What if you don’t have a list? What if you don’t have an auto responder? What if you just want to drive visitors to your blog, squeezepage, or your website site? Well essentially views is traffic so the more views you get the more chance you get of conversion. Therefore you need to get more views in order to test your conversion and get results.

How do you get more views to your video?

Well if you think about it that video needs to be where the traffic is, so the number one place where your video needs to be is the search engines. Most of the traffic comes from the search engines. If someone types in a particular keyword(s) you are targeting then your video will show up if you’ve ranked it correctly. Have you ever noticed when you’re doing a search on Goggle that on the first page below the ads sometimes videos will show up and out rank the websites. Have you ever clicked on those videos? Depending on what you’re looking for those videos that show up can be a lot more engaging. People like to watch videos and will click these video. With videos getting them onto that first page you will need to have back links pointing to your video.

What are back links?

A back link is a link on another site pointing to your video. That’s the simplest explanation. For example this article you are reading right now has a back link coming from a PR8 website. PR8 stands for Page Rank 8. The site I am talking about is the number one social networking site, which is Facebook. So I have a link on Facebook, were if someone clicks the link they will be sent to this article on here. Page Rank is something you need to think about. You would want your back links coming from the highest page ranked sites. This is because this tells the search engines that your content is important and the search engines will rank your content higher. This is subject to the quality of back links you are getting, the page rank of your video channel and the competitiveness of your niche. One of the ways you can get really quick back links is to use a site known as one This site allows you to buy back links for little as 20cents – $50. This would allow you to get hundreds or thousands of back links in one hour. Another site, which is not a free service, however, the cheapest package is $10 for 1,000 submissions is This site allows you to get quality bookmarking back links to your video or site. You could do it for free manually but I wouldn’t recommend it as it is not feasible or time efficient to open up 40 social networking profiles and login manually and type your content in. It would be time consuming. We are using the internet here to build our business and you should leverage every aspect of your business to your advantage. You can have one piece of content syndicated around many site with just one click. Giving you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business. I’ve actually bookmarked this article you’re reading on over 30 highly ranked social networking sites using Onlywire. Another place to get quick back links is Fiverr is a really good place to get quality back links for no more than five bucks. You definitely can’t go wrong with it. Just make sure that you check the seller out first before you place an order for their gig. Have a good look at their feedback before you purchase anything.

Manie Amari lives in London, United Kingdom – and is a full time Internet Marketer.

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