PPC and SEO: How to Choose Just One

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SEO, Search Engine Optimization, advertising or marketing is an extremely reliable source of online marketing. It is when your site is setup to ensure that the when a keyword is entered into a search engine your site will be one of the top results in that category.

PPC Benefits:

1. Results Instantly- One of the most beneficial parts of PPC is that you can achieve results almost immediately. Your site will instantly be placed at the top of the search results lists, and this will lead a larger amount of traffic to your site.

2. Limited Cost- You can limit the amount of money that you spend on your PPC marketing program. You can adjust accordingly or simply cap the amount of money that you would like to spend on the program.

3. Track Results- You can easily check your status and know exactly how often someone is using the PPC link to gain access to your website. You will be able to discover the amount of times that someone accesses your site and compare it to the amount of times you are paying for PPC link.

PPC Negatives:

1. Uncertain Space- PPC spots are not earned in a search engine result list. They are setup under featured sites, and this generally means that they are flagged separately. Most people that use a search engine regularly know that these featured sites are paid for advertising sites and may not necessarily match exactly what they are looking for, and this means that they may choose to skip these sites and go straight to the natural results.

2. Long Term Expense- The major downside to the PPC marketing is that you are not earning your spot on the search engine search results, so you will need to continue to pay in order to keep receiving results. The expense will add up over time, and it will become rather expensive in the long run.

SEO Benefits:

1. Earned Placement- The placement that is earned is much longer lasting than one that is purchased. SEO helps to market your page so that it earns a place as top results in all of the top search engines.

2. Low Cost- SEO will take some time to integrate into your site, but it can come at an extremely affordable price. SEO may take a little more time in order to see results, but it should work effectively and guide more concentrated traffic to your site.

SEO Negatives:

1. Dedication- SEO does take a specific amount of time in order to establish on your site. It is extremely important to dedicate a specific amount of time to your SEO marketing program. It takes time to keep your site up to date and current, and it is important to place time aside in order to keep it.

The needs of each business are different, and both approaches are well-respected ways to advertise online. By weighing the pros and cons, your business can determine which strategy is best for your model.

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