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Pay per Click is famously known as PPC. It is a very fast and effective form of marketing that integrates with every other marketing style. For instance if you are a company with just 3 employees, with PPC you can compete with the national chains. PPC campaign management offers a wide range of advantages. Let us have a look at them.

• Instant Results: PPC provides faster or I’d rather say instant results as compared to other forms of marketing. Even if we are talking digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) takes from a few months up to a year to garner results.

• Timing: Why do we say that instant results are possible? It is because these ads are not just shown to anyone. For instance one is searching for mobile devices, only then the search engine or a particular content network will show him/her ads of mobile vendors, mobile repair services etc. Thus the person is actively looking for a product and has already come a long way into the purchase cycle.

• Targeting: PPC ads let you target a specific audience of your choice. Suppose you are an educational institute. You could target those who would be completing their high school soon. This is possible on various social networks. Also if one searches for ‘educational institutes’ your ad will pop up and there is a higher chance of the person coming to your site as that is exactly what they are looking for.

• Traffic: Due to the above mentioned reasons, PPC can drive excellent volumes of traffic to your site. As we know, PPC ads are shown on the right hand side of the page that hosts the ad. Studies have shown that a person first looks at the top 3 results and the right hand corner of a page.

• High return on investment: Considering two or three clicks a day, even a single conversion can result in great returns.

• Quantifiable: There are number of metrics and statistics that let us calculate exactly the no. of clicks/visits, bounce rate, number of conversions, even location of your visitors etc.

Thus, we see that PPC campaign management is much more beneficial as compared to other forms of marketing. It garners quick results. It is especially useful if you are a start up and are looking to get people to know of your business or even need to make a few quick sales.

This article tells you how your start up can get great returns with the help of PPC campaign management.

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