PPC Marketing In The Digital Age

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Most people living in the digital age have developed a very clingy relationship with the World Wide Web. Eighty percent of adults in first world countries spend an average of two hours a day with computers and other similar devices that give them access to the internet. Advertisers today are taking advantage of this relationship between man and the net by focusing their efforts on modern advertising techniques that aim to catch people’s attention online. One way of doing this is through Pay Per Click, or PPC marketing.

Global Access and Visibility
Just like any other form of promotions, the goal of PPC is to help business enterprises to gain visibility and win customer traffic. Back in the days, marketers had to do this by flyers, brochures, and other print ads. These take a lot of time and cost people a great deal of resources from the layout process, printing, and distribution. The unfortunate thing about this method is the fact that only a few potential clients are reached. Distributing a hundred flyers in a day is already tiresome for the staff. With internet marketing today, access to thousands or even millions of people across the globe is possible minus the printing cost, waste of paper, and extra manpower.

What is it all about
Search engines are the most visited sites online. They have become people’s sources of news, scientific researches, relationship advice, gaming tips, fashion forecasts, and so much more. Because of this, most of the internet marketing tactics revolve around the search engine. PPC works by posting links on these sites in the form of sponsored links, banners, widgets, or pop-out ads. Clicking on these redirects clients to the business website of the company who advertises it. This allows more people to have access to the services and products they offer and increase chances of sales.

The Process Involves
The entire process starts when a company enters a search engine’s Pay Per Click program and pays a specific down payment to have their own account. Having an account then allows them to design their ads with specific texts or images. This will be the appearance of the link to be used later on. Along with this, they also make a list of keywords associated to their business. For example, an enterprise selling cameras may use “camera”, “photography”, “best cameras”, or “digital cameras”. After having an ad design and completing the keywords, an auction takes place where different companies bid for keywords and ideal locations on the search engine page. Higher bids offer greater spots and visibility in the results page. The amount being bid signifies the price the advertiser is willing to pay every time a person clicks on the ad.

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