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People will always search for what is better, that is a fact. It is undeniable that Panda and now, Penguin, have been hitting websites like bowling pins all over the internet world delivering both good news and the bad news.

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates immeasurably changed the site rankings and the experience of searchers which brought a big impact, much to their delight, towards the deserving internet marketers all over information super highway, however, bringing dismay and a lot of problems to internet marketers that trick their way into site rankings.

Being “people oriented”. That’s the strong message that Panda and Penguin wants to relay to marketers. Go back to the main purpose, its drawing the best quality content for the people to utilize and not for search engines to rank.

Panda and Penguin conveyed strong messages to marketers. The main message is to give content to the people, and not to the search engines. If Internet users are drawn to the websites, Google’s algorithms will be drawn to them also.

The Web is not the last hope. The social media channels are also indispensable tools that can help in site ranking. Search engines frequently check how people interact with one another because it affects the way how websites and brands are ranked. Therefore, a strong presence, active and interactive that is, across the social media is a must.

Each social media has its own unique features and not being able to maximize its use is a big downside. Aside from web optimization, actual interaction with people through the social media is as important and as beneficial. This way, a brand can truly earn a well deserved, superior standing.

Interact through Facebook page

So what is the goal? Well, it is to engage in smart, interactive and engaging conversations to subscribers about your brand. This can be done by in so many different ways such as posting relevant and useful information on the page such as polls, questions, readings and other links that promote interaction. If done wisely and effectively, it could earn a lot of recognition, thus, securing a spot on site rankings.

Talk through Twitter

Be informative. Be updated. Tweet valuable information that stakeholders can use and they can retweet it to their followers. You know the drill. Search engines are constantly monitoring twitter activity.

Share through YouTube

Utilize videos, people are highly visual. They often share engaging content and that earns links to your website. Make it open for comments and also, respond to them, engage with them so that there will be interaction amongst users and viewers. Google owns YouTube just so you know.

Utilize Pinterest

Image, photos and infographics are supported by Pinterest. You can always use Pinterest for brand optimization leverage if you target consumers with your brand.

Answer through LinkedIn

Buyers can be found in LinkedIn groups. You can always post updates and answer questions. Utilizing LinkedIn for B2B or B2C marketing can make brand optimization get stronger. Some groups can be crawled by search engines and are open to public.

Use Google+ for sharing

Conversations in Google+ at present have increasingly become more and more popular than other social media and so online marketers believe that it can help in optimization.

The social media activities engage conversation with people thereby optimizing brands.

SEO should be people focused and that’s where the idea of engaging in conversation with people came from. Search engine rankings will follow when people value the site’s content.

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