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Now that you have established your blog in the wide Web, you will naturally look for ways to earn money from it. Well, save for those who are already financially free, most individuals of today start a blog to earn additional income anyway so it is no surprise that many bloggers are itching to learn ways in doing so.

The most popular income stream of bloggers is the Google Adsense. Being the search engine giant that it is, the AdSense platform can easily match adverts based on what your readers are searching for. Google is able to do this because it has a massive analytics algorithm which takes into account what the user has been searching for over a certain period. This is actually a two-way street. You as the blogger will generate a percentage of commission every time somebody clicks on your ad units, in which the reader was being provided with relevant information (that’s why he clicked on the ad in the first place), which results to Google getting profits, too. The commission you earn depends on what the visitor has done after clicking your ad. If he finds out that the information there is not what he really was looking for, then he will just leave on to the next. But you are already paid for that action. It is called the pay-per-click or PPC scheme of Google Adsense. If on the other hand, the site visitor decides to directly buy from that website that your ad unit displayed then, you are in for a nice commission especially if he is going to buy a product that comes with a high price! Isn’t that pretty cool?

But this rarely happens of course when you do not have a lot of traffic to your website. How are you going to get more people therefore, to notice your site and more importantly, convince them to click on your ad units? Aside from posting timely, useful content, what other ways are there to attract plenty of visitors?

1. Create catchy titles, make your articles useful and be sure it’s readable. In order for readers to stay on your blog, you need to attract them with a unique title and keep paragraphs and sentences well spaced out. Use bullet points or numbered lists as online users have a very short attention span.

2. Put ad units in the first fold. By this, we mean to follow the basic rule of advertising – it should be strategically located where it can be seen clearly. As with most other online promotional activities, it is ideal to place your ad units in the top-most, right side of your page.

3. Add more blogs to your niche. This is another traditional marketing method – providing additional venues to make more products available to a wide range of audience for higher efficiency.

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