Some of the Greatest Amateur Viral Videos

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Nowadays, anyone with an idea for a video that is good enough, or that catches just the right moment, can become an internet sensation in less than a week. Most amateur viral videos are a combination of funny and cute, though some are truly meaningful, and some are enough to launch the creator or star into actual fame. For those that make the cut, the reward is everyone, really everyone, seeing what you have to say, and the reactions that come from this attention (which, for some, can land fame, or even a job). Here are a few of the most memorable viral videos put on the web by amateurs.

Charlie Bit My Finger
“Charlie Bit My Finger” has some of the most potent ingredients of a viral video: not just one, but two cute kids, an adorable British accent on the one that can speak, and someone getting hurt. If you have not seen this one yet, it is worth looking up. Charlie’s older brother gets bit, and after proclaiming his pain and a mild rebuke, puts his finger back in for another, much more painful bite (leading up to another declaration of pain and mild rebuke). It is simple, requires nothing but the naturally ridiculous behavior of a toddler, and has the perfect catch phrase to have viewers repeating the play button over and over again.

Sneezing Panda
“Sneezing Panda” is, in fact, nothing but a sneezing panda. But it is a tiny infant panda that sneezes so loudly and powerfully that you, along with its gigantic mother, jump about a foot. Baby animals, especially exotic ones, are going to get a ton of internet approval no matter what, but a sneeze like that was enough to send this little guy to worldwide fame. This is the kind of shot that is so perfect, that no words are required.

David After Dentist
Finally, one of the truly greatest amateur viral videos of all time is “David After Dentist.” David’s dad (David being David DeVore, a cute little 7 year old kid who had to get oral surgery) whipped out the camera at just the right time. The poor little guy must have had to get some pretty heavy anesthesia, because it’s got him asking questions like the now hugely popular saying, “Is this real life?” Though the video is unscripted, things are prompted by the dad, who offers some comfort, and many opportunities for more hilariously adorable declarations (“Is this gonna be forever?”). And, while the video may not be forever, the family reports that they have made just enough money selling t-shirts with funny David quotes to send the kid off to college!

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