Surviving Search Engine Changes Through Adjusted Search Engine Marketing

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With Google and other search engines coming up with endless changes in their ranking algorithms, search engine marketers are scrambling for the latest and the most innovative strategies. No longer can the marketers go by the yardstick in search engine marketing because the industry is now quite volatile and is susceptible to change. With this shift in the search strategy, it’s time to look for something that can adapt to the dynamism of the cyberspace.

Infinite changes by Google and others

It’s been more than a year since Google started having a serious stance against web spamming and low quality websites. Though Google has always worked towards improving the quality of search results, this time, it is not sparing anybody. Each year, Google brings up around 500 changes in its ranking algorithm. While most of these changes are minor, there are some major changes each year that change the way we market businesses on search engines. Besides Google, marketers need to focus on other search engines and the changes they introduce each month.

Paradigm shift in consumer behaviour

There has been a paradigm shift in the way customers make a choice. The numerous consumer behaviour studies have now failed as the customers become smarter and more discreet in their buying decisions. They follow a non-linear and unpredictable path. To hold their attention, businesses have to adopt a marketing strategy that immediately connects with the consumers. You have to immediately provide them information at their fingertips. Moreover, this change in consumer behaviour is also a cause of the innumerable changes being introduced by search engines because the search engines are keen to high light websites that value user experience. Some users are more inclined on clicking the paid ads, while others find organic search results more reliable. For a successful marketing strategy on search engines, it is important to segment your target marketing in terms of predictability of actions.

Cross-channel marketing

For maximum online consumption, search marketers must move beyond the PCs. Wide usage of laptops, smartphones and tablets have made it easy for consumers to access the desired information. For smart search marketers, adapting to different channels and devices is the best strategy. They must keep up with the changes and have different strategies prepared for different devices used by their target audience. Find keywords that fit within your sales funnel

Find keywords that fit within your sales funnel

With the help of analytics and behaviour study you can find out what is it that drives your business on the web. These insights help you find better keywords that enhance the search marketing efforts. Marketers should review the analytics to find out which keywords are underperforming and are not supporting their marketing campaign. These keywords should be replaced by those that promise greater search visibility and that fits within your sales funnel.

Thus, to survive in the volatile SEM industry, it is crucial to give up the standards and find out innovative, out-of-the-box strategies that can make search work for you. Also, keeping up to date with the ever-changing search algorithms and ranking factors will help you in formulating result-oriented marketing strategies that would yield the desired outcomes.

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