Testing Your Facebook Ad: What to Look For

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This month we’re going to be covering the basics of tracking and testing your Facebook ad campaigns.

You may be pleased with the results of your campaigns, but if you haven’t actually tested them, how do you know they’re performing as well as they could be?

I highly recommend tracking and testing every aspect of your campaign, and fine-tuning it to achieve optimum results. A few things to keep in mind throughout the testing process:

  • When testing multiple ads, remember to keep all factors equal, except for the one you’re testing. For instance, if you’re testing the image, keep everything else equal, including ad copy, landing page, even the time of day.
  • Be patient: a couple of days may not be enough to accurately see results of your testing. Let tests run for up to a week for best results.
  • Create separate campaigns for each ad you’re testing. If you create multiple ads in one campaign, a higher portion of your daily budget will be allocated to higher performing ads, skewing the results.

Testable Aspects of Your Facebook Ad

Basically, every component of your ad can and should be tested. You’d be surprised at how changing just one element of your ad can impact your CTR and conversion rate.

Internal Vs. External Landing Page

Are you linking to your Fan page or to an external URL? What’s the difference in terms of CPC? CTR? As Facebook favours ads that link to fan pages, your ad will be higher up on the page, and will likely have a lower CPC. Even if your external URL converts slightly better, does it outweigh the lower cost of linking to your fan page?

Call to Action

Which calls to action result in higher CTR’s? Which end up with higher conversions? Using language that evokes mental pictures of taking physical action (“grab yours now”, “claim yours today”) work well. Try out various wording and see which works best for your product or offer.


You can test completely different images, or variations of the same image. For instance, if you’re using a photo of a smiling woman, try zooming in closer, adding text to the image, try adding different coloured borders, etc. The variations of limitless!

Ad Copy

What performs best? Copy with a more personal touch? More formal? More text? Short and sweet? First words capitalized or not? Copy that mentions targeting criteria or not?


Direct headline? Question? “How to”? Testimonial? Which ones get you the most clicks? Which ones end up converting better?

Next week we’ll cover some of the tools that are available to help you track your Facebook ads most effectively.

Jennifer Sheahan is the founder of The Facebook Ads Lab, a full-service ads agency specializing in Facebook PPC ads. The FBAdsLab provides ad campaign management, training, and mentor programs for marketers. The goal of the FBAdsLab is to help business owners learn all they need to know to be successful in advertising on Facebook; to take control of their traffic so they can stay ahead of their competition and be leaders in their field.


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