The Importance of LSI Keywords

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Since search engines use LSI to identify top pages for a particular search, website design professionals make sure they use it to the hilt as it ensures better page rankings. The recent trend to build text around key words could mean compromising on content and this could cause sites great on quality content to drop down in page rankings while sites with low quality content could be in the top ten due to the clever use of search key words thrown into their content. It simply means with manipulating this knowledge by a professional, a website owner can see his page appear at the top when an internet user enters a query on a particular topic.

LSI’s which are fundamentally keywords have become all the more important with recent Google Panda and Penguin updates. The LSI is an indexing and retrieving method that uses a mathematical technique called Singular value decomposition to identify the patterns in the relationship of terms and concepts contained in a text like for example synonyms. For example if a website is focused around food the main keyword phrase would be food but phrases or words similar to food are LSI keywords such as ‘recipe’, menu, meal, diet, cuisine, etc.

In SEO (search engine optimization) this can be explained with the example above – search engines crawling a website might see for example” food” repeatedly and this could be counterproductive to SEO as using a keyword repeatedly is seen as keyword stuffing and sites which indulge in keyword stuffing are usually removed by search engines.

LSI keywords are important because they aid a site by using similar phrases built around a purpose or theme of a site. In order to obtain a high ranking without being repetitive with the use of a key word over and over again a site can use LSI keywords to make it search engine friendly. The LSI keywords keep the content natural and meaningful tying the theme or concept together – in other words it puts the site in context both for search engines and internet users. The search engines rely on these LSI synonyms to describe and tell about the site as they cannot see a website.

The LSI keywords are used in a similar manner as normal keywords and since the density of key words in a text are important to page ranking it is necessary to keep the keyword and LSI keyword density natural which is 2-5 percent in order to optimize a website correctly.

So if this is kept in mind to use quality and original content without over stuffing keywords while designing websites and building content, a site owner can get better search engine rankings which in turn ensure better traffic. Google’s AdWords keyword tools and SEO plug-ins for WordPress are free and beneficial for users as they provide excellent results for finding LSI keyword options.

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