Top 10 Web Hosting Sites – What Features Should You Look For?

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It’s a given that you need a really good web hosting service in order to be successful online. If yours is a small business then costs will certainly be a constraint. Since in-house hosting consumes a lot of resources, you’ll benefit greatly from using shared hosting. This way you won’t have to purchase any hardware and you won’t even have to bother about maintaining the server since you are just a renter of space on it. The top 10 web hosting sites share certain characteristics that enable you to manage your website efficiently.

Ease of Use: All services offer you bandwidth and a certain amount of memory so that you can get your website up and running. You should also be offered help with the creation and maintenance of your website. You’ll need to make many changes and additions to your site from time to time in order to keep it interesting and up to date. The most popular web hosting sites make site management a very easy job.

Email addresses included: Your hosting site should offer you email addresses that include your domain name. This gives your business a lot of credibility as opposed to regular free email addresses. Be sure to check whether the site offers you unlimited numbers of email addresses.

Cost: This is a very important factor and one that you cannot be expected to ignore. The top 10 web hosting sites offer you a variety of hosting packages to suit your budget. Needless to say, the range of services that you get varies according to the cost. You always have the option of upgrading to a more expensive package once your fledgling business starts to become successful.

Tech Support: Do not even think of dealing with a company that does not offer proper tech support. You’ll have a tough time figuring a lot of things about the website during the initial stages and will need a lot of help.

Reliability: Your web host should have adequate infrastructure to ensure that your site is never down. If your existing and potential customers cannot access your site then there is no point having one in the first place.

You’ll be able to build your business into a successful one with the help of one among the top 10 web hosting sites listed below. Make sure that you choose well right at the beginning so that your business is off to a good start.

1. fatcow
2. hostgator
3. omnis
4. webhostinghub
5. ipage
6. hostmonster
7. jaguarpc
8. bluehost
9. inmotionhosting
10. godaddy

Find out what features the top 10 web hosting sites share. You’ll need to select the best possible web host in order to publish your site without any problems.

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