Top 5 Challenges of Website Owners

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A website is a powerful marketing tool that business owners can use to their advantage. It is accessible to all types of customers and reaches a wider market. It is cost efficient and provides customers with the information that they need about your company. The benefits of having a website for your business are undeniable. However, putting up a website and maintaining it can be quite challenging. What are the top 5 challenges of website owners? How do you overcome these challenges?

1. Lack of trust.
Customers are usually very particular when it comes to websites. It doesn’t matter whether your website is made by a team of professional designers or you made it yourself. Customers just don’t simply give their trust automatically. If your customers do not trust you, then it would be very difficult to sell your product. One way to resolve this issue is to by making your store transparent. Putting a “contact us” feature where your physical store’s address and telephone number are displayed give your customer an assurance that your store is legitimate. Photos of your store and customers reviews are evidences of customer satisfaction.

2. Lack of website views.
Most websites do not get enough views because they do not appear in search engine results page. Customers usually use search engines when looking for products and services that they need. If companies only list generic products, it is less likely for the website to get a hit in the SERP. This issue can be resolved by making your product list as detailed as possible. The product descriptions should be unique and should contain at least 100 words. Target keywords and tags should also be included in your descriptions. Including customer reviews would also increase your website’s chances of getting a hit.

3. Hackers
Hackers are probably one of the hardest of top 5 challenges of website owners. At some point, owners will experience a security breach. This is a serious matter because the customers’ credit card and personal information will be compromised. It is also possible that you couldn’t access your own website. Page content and features could be mixed up. In worse case scenarios, payments could be redirected to another bank account. Changing your passwords and customizing your shopping cart features on a regular basis adds more security to your website.

4. High traffic but low sales
There are many cases wherein your website could have a lot of traffic but your sales remain to be low. It is also possible that you sell a lot of products through your website but they end up getting returned or customers ask for a refund. This happens because your sales funnel system isn’t good or is too complicated for customers. This issue can be easily resolved by providing your customers instructions on how your “shopping cart” feature works. It should be direct and easy to use. Easy transactions mean more loyal customers.

5. Information leakage
There are cases when customer’s credit card information is leaked even without the presence of a hacker. There are also instances when the website is asking for too much information. When this happens, you will lose the trust of your customers which will detrimental to your company sales’ rates. One way to resolve this issue is to provide a privacy setting for your customers. An opt-out option will also gain the trust of your customers.

These are the top five challenges of website owners. These are the issues that one must keep in mind when starting an online store. It is very important that you should have a counterplan in the event that these issues happen.

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