Top 5 Video Marketing Tips For Massive Success With Video

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Video marketing is one of the best ways to deliver your message to your audience as it has the power of combining words with tonality and emotion. It is the next best thing to meeting a potential client in person and if it is done right, it can create instant trust, authority and credibility.

Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind when creating videos for you internet video marketing strategy.

1. Make sure that each video that you create has excellent lighting. It is absolutely crucial to bring out the best lighting in your videos, which means lighting up the subject – usually this would be the person who is speaking. This can be easily fixed by either using natural sunlight which is what I like to do and I like to record my videos either early in the morning or later in the afternoon, somewhere around sundown when the natural light is perfect for videos. You can also invest in really cheap lighting kits that you can find on eBay or

2. Make sure that you get your videos out as far and wide as possible so that means utilize your social media networking sites, your email list, your friends, family. Spread it as far and wide as possible. Send out the video to as many places as possible as soon as it is created for maximum impact. It is best to do this as soon as you have published the video for maximum impact and also to avoid putting it off and never taking action on your video promotion.

3. Ensure that you have exception sound quality. Poor sound quality is inexcusable when it comes to videos so make sure that you either have a great camera or a microphone. A lavalier mic, either wired or wireless, works great and they can easily be purchased online or from your local electronics store and they will really improve the sound quality which is what you want for your videos.

4. Don’t forget that all-important call to action at the end of your video. What is a call to action – simply telling people what you want them to do next and why – what are the benefits of doing so? Make sure you always stress the benefits and how it will improve the lives of your viewer of move them towards a solution to their biggest challenge or problem.

5. Tell people what you want them to do next. Examples include asking people to visit your blog or website, asking them to watch another video, asking people to connect with you on Facebook or twitter or sign up for a consultation or strategy session that you have.

If you haven’t started your video marketing strategy – you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Using video for your marketing is a completely free and highly effective way to generate new leads, targeted prospects and even joint venture partners, while building your online visibility and influence.

Nina Vucetic is an online entrepreneur specializing in Video Marketing and Online Business Strategy with the essential aim of helping businesses, solo entrepreneurs, individuals and anyone with a product or service to sell get found online by targeted leads, prospects and the search engines!

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