Top Tips For Maximizing Your AdSense Profits

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One of the best ways to make money online is through Google AdSense. The Google corporation is the best at paying webmasters so that they can place ads to various products related to your site.

The smart website owner takes advantage to this great deal and uses it to the best of his abilities. Although, he does have some concerns. Could he be doing it better? Is there a way to get even more money through Google AdSense that he doesn’t even know about? Here are some of the tips that he might be able to learn from.

Top Tip #1: Be Specific

If you want to get good ads for your website, then you should place good quality content on your page. To make sure that you get a good click through rate for your ads, though, you want to have a VERY SPECIFIC topic. By doing this, it ensures that your AdSense ads are as relevant to your readers as possible. Always remember that Relevance is King!

Top Tip #2: Pick Vertical Ads

Years of pop-ups and spam have trained all internet users to completely ignore banners that show up horizontally towards the top of the screen. As a result, if you place a horizontal banner across the top of your page, you risk the chance of your readers dismissing it as pop-ups, or they might be so used to dismissing it that they don’t even see it. Google recommends that you place vertical ads, and your ads help make them money too, so it would be wise to listen to them.

Top Tip #3: Place Your Ads Up To The Right

Through research and experiments with Google users, Google has determined that the most effective place to position your ads on your site is up and to the right. You want to place plenty of white space around it so that it doesn’t look jammed in as an after thought. You want your ads to look nice, and apparently they look nicest when placed up and to the right.

Top Tip #4: Place Pictures Near Your Ads

Your eye is immediately drawn towards a picture when it is placed on a page with text, so you should place you ads near you pictures so that your customers also look towards your ads.

You should make sure that you follow these top tips because they can definitely help you make as much money possible from Google AdSense. Just make sure to follow the rules, because they have no problem kicking you out of their program. Follow their rules, and follow my tips to you, and you will have no problem getting a paycheck on complete autopilot.

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