Using Crazy Egg to Fine Tune Your PPC Campaigns

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The title of this post may be slightly misleading – “fine tune” may not be the appropriate word.

Boost, propel, even skyrocket might be better words.

Imagine knowing exactly where, on your landing page, people are most likely to click? Knowing how far down the page visitors are scrolling? Knowing which type of traffic (referral, SEO, etc.) is ending up clicking on which buttons or links?

This is just a sampling of what you can do with Crazy Egg.

(By the way, this is not an affiliate article.)

So, what is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is basically software that allows you to see where visitors are clicking on your site. There are several tracking options available:

Heat Map – Visual representation of where visitors are clicking on your page.

Scroll Map – Shows how far down the page visitors are scrolling before abandoning the page.

Overlay – Shows actual number of clicks on each element on your page.

Confetti – Shows you which clicks are from which source of traffic (referral, source, keywords, etc.)

How Can You Use Crazy Egg to Increase Clicks or Conversions?

Crazy Egg essentially allows you to predict what your site visitors are most likely to click on. This means you can:

  • Optimize pages knowing where people will click
  • A/B split test different locations of buttons
  • A/B split test different locations of links
  • Know which pages on your site to focus your efforts on
  • See if visitors are trying to click on “non-clickable” elements (e.g. images)
  • Know how far down the page you can add content without losing people
  • Know where to put your subscribe box to increase opt-ins
  • Know where to put affiliate ads in order to get the most clicks
  • Compare 2 different landing pages to see which one results in the most clicks

It may be helpful here to give a couple of specific examples of how you can incorporate Crazy Egg into your Facebook ad campaign.

Optimization Example:

You’ve set up an external landing page for your Facebook ad. Of course you know how many clicks you’re getting from the ad, but your landing page isn’t converting as you would like.

The goal of your landing page is to collect emails from your visitors so you can contact them later about your upcoming paid webinar.

Using Crazy Egg, you see that visitors are leaving your page before getting to the end of your sales pitch (they aren’t scrolling down). By simply shortening your sales pitch and moving your call to action button further up on the page, you increase your conversions by 15%.

Jennifer Sheahan is the founder of The Facebook Ads Lab, a full-service ads agency specializing in Facebook PPC ads. The FBAdsLab provides ad campaign management, training, and mentor programs for marketers. The goal of the FBAdsLab is to help business owners learn all they need to know to be successful in advertising on Facebook; to take control of their traffic so they can stay ahead of their competition and be leaders in their field.

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