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With natural disasters such as the Canterbury Earthquakes in Christchurch, businesses and small-medium enterprise owners are finding themselves put out in terms of location. Trying to get back on track, remaining prevalent and branding yourself effectively is incredibly important. A lot of small businesses are finding ways to exist and even grow without a storefront – others are simply realising the importance of marketing on their continued survival through troubled times.

Fortunately technology has allowed better opportunities for advertising and branding online. With New Zealanders finally starting to catch up with better mobile technology and internet services giving us web access and connectivity wherever we go, more and more business owners are starting to understand the potential benefits that online marketing offers.

Residents looking for their favourite businesses and replacements for businesses that no longer exist since the 2010/2011 earthquakes tend to look online before anywhere else.

Making Your Business Visible Online

Search engines are your biggest asset and your biggest obstacle when it comes to making your company or brand visible online. When people look for answers the first place they head to is Google, Bing or Yahoo (and usually in that order!). Say you deal in auto-repairs – a business where you are faced with a lot of competition, even just within a city itself – when people search for ‘auto repairs christchurch’ (for example) or ‘christchurch mechanic’ in Google, hundreds of other websites are vying for the top spot.

You may have asked yourself before why some websites deserve their place on the first page of Google results and why others end up on page seven or eight – part of the answer is all in search engine optimisation.

How Google PageRank Algorithm Works

Google uses a page ranking system to determine which site gets the best position. Google’s algorithm determines page ranking in a number of ways.

– The prevalence of search terms and keywords
– The number of other pages that link to your page
– The PageRank of any website that links to your page

Of course, this is oversimplifying a rather complex system, as there are 100’s of unknown factors. But what it basically means is that the more relevant your content, the more links between your web pages and the more that other websites link to yours, the better your page rank will be.

How Can I Optimise My Website?

Dynamic and frequently updated, professionally written content that engage your visitors and an experienced web developer with SEO experience are the best ways to make sure your page ranking is as high as it can be. The internet is home to your largest audience; don’t settle for an amateur or second-rate website for your business. Get search engine optimisation for your business through a professional web developer and SEO/content creator and see better results. Find out just how effective an advertising tool a strong online presence can be.

Find out more how about Limelight Online’s SEO services can help you today by visiting our website, or by reading our freshly updated blog for hints and tips about marketing you business online.

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