What Is Search Marketing All About?

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Search Marketing refers to creating a website that is visible to focused traffic or visitors to sites who could well become prospects. So, it is necessary for your site to be ahead of its competition in terms of what it offers and its look and feel in a world where people are constantly searching for information of many kinds online.

It is also a broad term that covers SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engine advertising and Paid inclusion, and Direct Navigation. It’s basic goal is to get the highest SER’s but it also targets huge volume traffic sites and online communities. It also takes care of traffic-generating methods within the site. It can also be accessed on mobile phones, besides personal computers.

Online Search Marketing comprises two broad categories: Organic Search Marketing and Paid Search Marketing.

Organic Search Marketing:By using organic Search Marketing, one can develop a business website that is similar to what search engines require to achieve top rankings when a prospective client is searching for the goods or services you sell. The techniques used to reach high score sites are known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).SEO strategies can be divided into on- and off-page strategies.

On-page strategies: These strategies are executed within your site content. They refer to keyword density, page linking, hosting relevant content, etc.

Off-page strategies: On the other hand, off-page optimization strategies takes care of social networking and content marketing, besides other strategies that drive traffic to customers’ sites and thereby increase their presence online.

Search engines work on the premise that a popular site with certain high-demand keywords means that they are providing customers with what they want. One of the many techniques used to make a site more popular online is to use back links or one-way links from other sites to your site. To get the most out of back links for your site, the keyword must be used as the anchor text which is then click-able on other sites.

Paid Search Marketing:This is the second major category of Search Marketing. It is also called Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and it does not lay as much emphasis on SEO techniques as Organic Search Marketing to get on to the first page of search engine query results. Here, the advertiser or client places an ad that appears on the results pages of major SE’s like Google, Yahoo or Bing whenever someone queries certain keywords. This kind of marketing works on the principle that you place your bid on certain keywords so that when someone searches the keywords that coincide with the text of your ads, your ad pops up. When they click your ad, they are taken to your Sales page or Squeeze page.

You may choose either method of Search Marketing, the essential point for you is to understand how SE’s work and know what they want.

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