When Is Not A Good Time To Use Ads On Your Site?

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It has been said that nothing happens on the internet by accident. If you make a lot of money, it’s not going to happen by accident. Consequently, if you’re not making the kind of money you desire, chances are there is something you are doing or not doing to cause this also.

The strategies and tactics people use to earn money online must, by the nature of the internet, change all the time. The reasons for this are many. They include changes in people’s tastes, changes in available technology and algorithm changes used by search engines.

For years, a very easy way to make money has been using ads on your site. Whether it was Google AdSense, banner ads or other types, all you had to do was paste some code onto your webpage and drive traffic to that page.

Believe it or not, there are times when using ads on your site may not be such a good idea. Even if you are marketing products on your site, the thought can be to include ads also so that even if visitors don’t buy one of your products, they may still generate revenue for you by clicking on one of your ads. While the idea of this makes sense, in practice it could produce a “leaky” site that doesn’t focus the visitor’s attention on any one thing.

Think of your website as a new car lot. Most car lots only offer a few brands of vehicles. Why don’t they offer as many different manufacturers as possible? They don’t want their products competing against each other for your attention. By the way, this model works very well in the auto industry. It may also work for you on the internet.

Especially with the latest Google algorithm changes that address too many ads above the fold, the thought needs to go away from a shotgun approach of revenue generation to a more focused approach on your products. Just because you can use a monetization tool doesn’t mean you should. Some visitors may come to your website and bounce away altogether because their attention was directed to too many areas at once. This is sort of like the small convenience store down the block that has merchandise stuffed in every conceivable nook, cranny and crevice.

Try focusing your visitor’s attention on one place per page and you may see even more revenue than you thought possible.

Corey Neal is a committed online entrepreneur who is dedicated to white hat internet marketing. He promotes quality over quantity and many of his tips can be found at http://i-need-money-now-mentor.com/. Don’t forget to subscribe to his newsletter at http://i-need-money-now-mentor.com/earn-money-online-without-investment/.

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