Why Domain Age Matters

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Age is a major factor on the search engines. Age cannot be faked, and therefore, age is one of the strongest signals of authority on the internet. It is one of the factors that the SERPs look favorably upon when deciding what websites are relevant to the searcher’s request on their systems. Websites that have aged over time and are still around on the internet to this day are given more authority than those sites that come and go within a year of time.

Most of the spammy sites on the internet are bought on a yearly basis. If the site does not make money, then the website owner usually sells them off or lets them lapse. Therefore, the search engines tend to not trust a website that has registered with their web host for one year. This is a red flag to most of the search companies that exist. This red flag tells the search engines that the business owner is not serious and the SERPs should not take their website serious either.

Buying aged domains is big business because of this fact. Aged domains do better in the search engines because the website owner has shown that they are willing to stick it out in the good times and the bad whereas a spammy internet marketer will end the site as soon as they can because it does not make money. Therefore, the search engines are always looking for old domains to rank. An old domain combined with good content is a site that can rank very well in the search engines and will become very hard to dislodge from the top spots in the search engine as well.

A properly aged domain can go for thousands of dollars. This is because the optimization power behind that domain is so strong that the moment it gets good content, it does well in the SERPs. It does not matter if this practice is fair or not, it just is reality. Therefore, the sooner a business person can buy a domain, the better. They should also plan to hold that domain for a long period of time because that will allow the domain to age and gain more authority with the search engines.

However, it is important to note that the search engines frown upon buying domains for linking purposes. Search based companies understand that an older domain has authority; therefore, they frown upon people who buy these domains to “game” the SERPs. Therefore, a business owner needs to rethink doing this before acting on this impulse. If the linking strategy is caught, then the website can guarantee themselves that they will be removed from the search engine rankings. It is a dangerous proposition that should be avoided at all costs.

In conclusion, a business should look at their website not as a short-term fix but a long-term play. If a business holds their website for a long period of time, then that business can give themselves an advantage in the SERPs. If the search engines are looking for anything, it is the longevity of a site. This means that a site should plan to be around as long as possible to make sure that it gets all the authority possible. This results in higher in the rankings and better traffic over time and more sales revenue.

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