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When you are putting together a PPC marketing campaign, you have a lot of things to think about. You need to be concerned with the list of keywords you are targeting, the price you are paying for them, and the landing pages you are directing your potential customers to. One vital area that sometimes gets overlooked is the creation of a headline for your AdWords ad. It will only be a few words long, but the truth is that it can make or break your entire campaign.

Studies of Internet users suggest that people who are using a search engine to find information will only look at your ad for one or two seconds before deciding whether to click on it or pass it by. Since the headline is in larger, bolder, and more colorful type than the rest of your ad, it has the best chance to grab a reader’s attention. While you don’t need to be a professional copywriter to create a dynamite headline, you should put plenty of thought into writing it in order to give your ad campaign its very best shot at success. It goes without saying that you should always use a keyword in your headline. That helps people to see that your product or service is relevant to the item they were searching for. Beyond that, there are several other things you can do to make your headlines rock. Here are some pointers for writing ad headlines that will get your ads noticed.

• Use a question. Something like, “Want to Train Your Dog?” might be a good way to get a reader interested enough to make a click.

• Offer to reveal a secret. “Private Methods for Looking Younger,” or “Secrets of Successful Musicians” can arouse a reader’s curiosity and lead him to look further.

• Compare your product to something well known. If you can say that something is “Tastier Than a Chocolate Shake” or “Faster Than a Race Horse,” you can encourage folks to see what you have to offer.

• Use recommendations. Putting “Endorsed by Professional Athletes” or “Approved by Certified Teachers” in your headline is a way to build consumer trust in your product.

• Use the word ‘free.’ Let’s face it. Folks like to get something for nothing, and if you are giving away a free sample, ebook, or download, be sure that you mention it in your headline.

• Avoid the word ‘buy.’ Since no one likes to be ordered around, don’t make your headline sound like a command. If you think you should use it at all, save the word ‘buy’ for the text below your headline.

• Make your offer sound immediate. Because so many online shoppers are in a hurry, you can often get their attention if you say something like, “Get a Great Software Program Today,” or “Learn How to Play the Piano Now.”

The most important tip to remember is to put yourself in the place of your potential website visitor. What would make you want to learn more about your site? Spend some time looking at your competitors’ ads and study their headlines. Do they ask questions, make commands, or offer some freebies? A tool like PPC Bully can help you get all of this information before you even start your own campaign and can put you on a great footing right from the start. It can show you which ads are making a profit for other marketers in your niche. Once you have that information, don’t be afraid to use similar tactics when writing your own headlines. Remember that knowledge is power, and the more you know about what works, the more successful you can be.

A computer geek as a child, Adam C. Cherrington grew up to discover he had a surprising talent for creative internet marketing. He’s the creator of more than 100 websites, including Sandtray Therapy Institute, now in its third year online, and SiteGrinder. He currently mentors marketers to be full-time Internet Marketing Consultants, and helps them create a promotional presence that attracts the kind of clients who make them happiest.

To learn more about his unique methods, and read all about his exact six-figure blueprint, check out his site “The Shoestring Marketer”: http://www.theshoestringmarketer.com/blueprint

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