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So you’ve got your business’ brand new website up and running, you’ve paid the web developer and opted to go for a website content management system; instead of being invoiced every time you want to make a content change. Having direct control over what appears on your website gives you more freedom and the potential to provide a better, more interesting and more dynamic user experience.

Keeping Your Website’s Content SEO Friendly

If you are writing your own web content and you want to have an effective online presence, you need to know how to write SEO friendly content.

SEO (or search engine optimisation) refers to website content that has been written with Google PageRank in mind. By writing SEO friendly content, you can encourage more traffic to your website and enjoy a more effective internet presence.

Key Tips to SEO

Follow a few of these tips and try to make your website as dynamic and content-rich as possible for the best results.

– Know your keywords

Google pulls up results based on which pages fit any given search phrase best. Tools like Google AdWords and analytics can give you an idea of what terms people are searching for that are relevant to your business. If you run a used car dealership you might find that ‘buy used car’ is a far more popular search phrase than just ‘used cars’ by itself.

– Use keywords often (but never spam!)

Scatter keywords and phrases throughout your web pages as frequently as possible – but don’t spam them! Your site can and will be blacklisted if you abuse the PageRank system by littering your site with meaningless search phrases – and nobody will want to read it anyway!

– Update content regularly

Updating your content regularly will keep visitors coming back. Implement a blog and make a new addition once or twice a week – that’s all it takes!

– Write better content

No matter how good your SEO optimisation is, nobody will stick around after getting to your site if the content isn’t good. Better, unique and interesting content also has a higher chance of getting picked up and cited elsewhere – if other sites link to yours, your PageRanking goes up.

Even if you are using a content management system to keep your site up-to-date, it does pay to talk to your web developer about getting the initial content written by a professional copywriter. They’ll usually be able to direct you to an SEO expert or do your copy for you in-house. You’ll have the advantage of completed keyword research and a general tone that you can follow too.

The more focus you have on your online presence the better results you’re likely to see. Keep your content relevant and SEO friendly to get the most out of your company’s website.

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