5 Deadly Video Marketing Mistakes That Kill Sales

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You can make an awesome video that’s entertaining, informative, relevant, but if you don’t know how to deploy video successfully online it’s wasted effort. The biggest mistakes people make with making money online through online video generally have to do with not thinking things through, getting the technology wrong, not organizing and presenting the content well, burying or omitting a call to action, and not taking advantage of social media.

Mistake 1: Video marketing as an afterthought. Just because online video is a hot commodity right now doesn’t mean that it should just be put out there with no marketing or deployment strategy. For making money online, your videos should provide actual information. Do research to determine your market’s biggest problem and provide real information about solving that problem. You don’t have to give all your secrets away, but your video should have real meat, not just baloney. Sure,online video is hot, but there’s so much of it, your product doesn’t have a chance to stand out unless it has a real marketing strategy behind it.

Mistake 2: Using outdated technology. Making money online requires that you stay away from outdated video formats. You don’t want to simply post a file in a WMV or MOV format. Don’t save SWF files by themselves: use an SWF player embedded to play the video. You should also explore FLV and MP4, which can all showcase video in high quality. Keep your eye on formats like OGG and HTML5 and be ready to use them when their moment arrives. Do not forget to optimize your online videos for search. Video SEO is just as important as SEO for text and images.

Mistake 3: Failing to organize and present content well. Each online video should have an introduction telling what the rest of the video is about. The first 10 seconds are crucial for getting your viewer to continue watching. With blog posts and articles, headlines and the first few lines are important. Likewise, with video, your intro and “hook” are extremely important, particularly in an environment where there is more video available than anyone could ever watch.

Mistake 4: Failing to properly use your call to action. Suppose you have a brilliant intro and hook. Your viewer watches the entire video. Then at the end, they’re wondering, “OK, so what do I do now?” For successfully making money online, it’s up to you to answer that question. Calls to action can be creative in the medium of video, and it will depend on your market niche, your product or services. You might put a unique promotional code in your video offering a discount. You can then use the promotional code to track user response. Contests are good, too, as are interactive features. And don’t forget to have your URL visible at the bottom of the video.

Mistake 5: Neglecting the power of social media. Using social media in making money online is planting seeds for the future. Even if you host your videos on a YouTube channel, you can now notify Twitter and Facebook when you add new video. There’s no reason not to do this: it’s easy and it only takes a second. Enlisting in the help of some of your more outgoing Facebook friends or Twitter followers to share and re-tweet is another strategy to get more eyeballs on your content. To really tap into social media, you need to keep your online videos short and sweet. If you get someone to watch an entire 5 minute video, you’re doing good, so don’t push it. A couple of minutes is ideal. Humor and creativity will get your video more buzz from social media than will overly serious, formulaic content.

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