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Reviews have become a staple of our online experience. Almost everyone has the ability to use their phone to review their experience with your company. Their reviews can make or break your business. It’s up to you to keep an eye out for poor reviews that can make your business look bad, and this is called ‘Reputation Management’.

How to capture those all important reviews:

1. Get business cards printed up that make it easy for your happy customers to leave you reviews via their phones or computers.

2. Teach your staff to only give them to the happiest customers.

3. Smile as positive reviews get posted to Yelp, Google Local, Yahoo Local, and others.

For this system to work, your staff needs to be vigilant and make sure they’re only giving the business cards to the happiest customers. If more negative reviews are coming in than positive, either your business is broken or your staff is failing. Either way, a change has to happen.

In a perfect world, a good business would be attracting positive reviews from their happy customers automatically. The truth is that happy people often don’t usually take the time to leave reviews. It’s the angry and upset people that seek out websites where they can leave a nasty review and hurt your business. That’s why the system and strategy we have put into place is so important.

Even worse, nearly 100% of the review sites do nothing to quantify whether reviews are legitimate. Almost anyone can go and leave an anonymous review and you often can’t get these damaging reviews removed. If someone feels that you’ve wronged them, it will take under an hour for them to strike at your company and potentially cost you a lot of money in lost business.

This is a real issue facing a lot of businesses, even ones that have no website. Now that we carry mini-computers in our pockets via our mobile phones, it takes a few seconds to check up on a business before you walk in the doors. I’ve literally been in the parking lot for a restaurant, pulled out my phone and checked Yelp to find a dozen negative reviews. What happened next? I got back in my car and found another restaurant.

If you’ve been hit with negative reviews (whether they were deserved at the time or not), a comprehensive reputation management campaign can make these negative reviews a lot harder to find. A reputation management campaign is very similar to a search engine optimization campaign, the only difference is the reputation manager locates your good reviews and works to rank these high in the search engines, thus pushing down the poorer reviews to give them less visibility.

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