Google AdWords Management Pros and Cons

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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is an alternative method to organic SEO which can be used to get your website on to the first page of search engine results and thus increase traffic. Google’s PPC program is called AdWords and it is the most popular with companies looking to advertise in this way. AdWord advertisements appear at the top and side of Google search results for the keywords that you have specified; these are both prominent positions, which is why the market to have your advert placed here is so competitive.

As with any business decision, choosing to use Google AdWords as a marketing tool has pros and cons; these will be discussed below.


  • Targeted Traffic – Google AdWords advertisements are indexed according to which keyword you want your advert to appear for. This means that any traffic vising your site via your AdWords link will be targeted; interested in the goods and services you have on offer. The conversion rate will increase as a result; less traffic will leave the site without making a purchase.
  • Cost Effective – The targeted sales and high conversion rates created as a result of increased targeted traffic to your website means that AdWords, when managed effectively, is a very cost effective advertising solution. The more well-managed your AdWords account is, the more cost effective it becomes as the average cost per click will reduce, and those clicking on the links will generally make a purchase. This increases revenue and decreases outgoings.
  • Quality Assurance – Google AdWords assesses the quality of each website against their desired keywords and this adds to the websites’ profile. The score that a website receives for its quality in terms of relevance to keywords has a direct impact on the cost of the AdWords campaign as it features in the equation that Google uses to calculate the websites’ rank score. The higher the rank score, the less you will pay for AdWords. Therefore, this is an incentive to ensure that your website is the best that it can be.


  • Management – When a Google AdWords advertisement campaign is running smoothly, it is a fantastic way in which to generate more business. However, to manage an AdWords account takes lots of time and effort. Essentially, the beginning of an AdWord campaign is about educated trial and error; learning which keywords are most appropriate for your site and sector, altering your maximum bid per click to come into line with your competitors, attempting to increase your quality score etc. As you can appreciate, this is a time-intensive on-going task, but is necessary to ensure that your AdWords account is being of benefit to you. Poor management of Google AdWords accounts is costly as it will result in traffic not relevant to your site which will bring down the conversion rate and ultimately cost you more money than it will make you.

Overall then, the moral of the story here is if you are going to use Google AdWords as a marketing tool, ensure that you are able to manage it effectively or use a reputable company with experience of AdWords management to run this for you.

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