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It’s easy to register a domain name on a server; it’s easy to build a website, but it’s not very easy to maintain it with correct standards. There are various things which you have to keep in mind while dealing with a website so that it acquires some good reputation in front of users and search engines. One thing which can help you in analyzing your website’s health is Google webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools are an effective weapon by which the webmaster (i.e. owner or person having admin power) can get all the details related to crawling of his site by the Google bots and he can see what all problems these bots face while crawling.

Various applications of webmaster tools are as below:

– Messages from Google:
It displays all the messages which Google wants to convey to the webmaster. If there is any critical issue with the site or any warning which Google wants to deliver to the webmaster here’s the place where the conversation between both ends can take place.

– Geographic Target:
This feature is useful when you are having a generic top level domain, like .com, .org or any other, which is not country specific. Geo targeting helps you to target your site in different countries where you feel worth to focus on. If you don’t want any geographical barrier to your site, then you can select the unlisted option.

– Preferred domain:
This feature helps you choose whether you want a “www” address or a without “www” address for your site. If you choose any one, then links pointing to the non-preferred choice will also be treated as the links to the preferred choice. You may also put the 301 redirect to non-preferred version, so that traffic from it can also be transferred to the main address and other search engines and users also come to know about your preferred choice.

– Crawl Rate:
By this feature you can limit the crawl rate of Google bots. If you find that crawling of bots overwhelming the server’s bandwidth, then you can mark a minimum limit of crawling of your site.

– Removal of sitelinks:
If you want to remove the automatic generated inner pages links below your site in search result, then you can do this here.

So, these were some basic functionality which we can have through the Google webmaster tools. There are some other usages as well of webmaster tools, which we will discuss in the next section of our article. See you soon with some more interesting applications of Google webmaster tools.

The author has been writing articles from last three years on various topics. With this article, he wants to share information on how Google webmaster tools are an important concept of Search Engine Optimisation.

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