Who Should Use VPS?

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Virtual private servers, or VPS, are a type of web hosting that allows website owners to have a professional-looking website, independent of any other websites, for a lower cost than dedicated servers. But who should use VPS? Who is it right for?

If you’re currently trying to decide whether or not VPS is right for you, it’s not a decision to make lightly. While these servers aren’t nearly as expensive as dedicated servers, if you’re just making the move from a shared server you might be a bit surprised at the cost. That being said, if your budget allows it, there are certain times when VPS can be the perfect option.

If you want to expand your website to include a significant number of new webpages, graphics, and information, you might want to consider moving to a VPS. With shared hosting you will only have so much storage space allotted to you. If your website contains more information than that amount, you could be charged additional fees from your web host for using more than your given share. Even worse, some web hosts won’t run websites at all if they have exceeded the maximum amount of given storage space. This is why it’s crucial to pay attention to the amount of data your website currently contains, and move to another server such as VPS if needed.

If you haven’t expanded your website, but it’s still seen a huge increase in the amount of visitors it receives every day, it may also be time to consider switching to VPS. Just like web hosts will only give you a certain amount of storage space on a shared server, they’ll also only allot you a certain amount of bandwidth – the amount of data transfer that needs to occur every time someone visits your site. If you exceed this bandwidth, which could happen if traffic to the site shoots up, your web host could again shut your site down. At the very least, they’ll charge you extra fees for that extra bandwidth; and they could be costly.

If you want to have more than one website for your business, you’ll most definitely need a VPS. Almost no business can run even one website from a shared server; and they definitely can’t have different websites for different franchises or departments running from a shared server. These servers simply don’t have the resources required and if they do, they’ll likely need to pay full price for two separate accounts from the web host. VPS is a much more efficient, and budget-friendly option in this case.

If you’re only running a small personal website, or a website that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic and that you don’t anticipate expanding in the near future, shared hosting is probably more than enough for your needs. But if you want to have the flexibility to take your website wherever you go, or you’re a business of any kind, you need to consider what’s best for your website. And that might just be VPS.

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