WordPress Vs. BlogSpot – Which Is Better?

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I’ve experimented quite frequently with both BlogSpot and WordPress URLs, and I’ve come to three different conclusions that I will explain in detail below. Both BlogSpot and WordPress have their advantages, but only one blogging software is superior. If I had to choose which blogging software I would work with, I’d vote for WordPress 10/10 times! It’s always been far more stable, and with the amount of free – and paid – plugins available, you can customize a WordPress blog 100% how you want it.

Conclusion 1 – if you’re looking for faster indexing and quick rankings, BlogSpot is the way to go for you! When you create a new BlogSpot account, Google automatically sets up their WebMaster Tools for that URL. This saves you all the dirty work of having to add coding to the right part of your website and verifying to make sure the code is set right. This can be a great benefit in the short run, but in the longrun, WordPress’s ability to setup SEO-friendly URLs to any way you want can place you far and above BlogSpot URLs.

Conclusion 2 – Unlike BlogSpot, WordPress’s plugins and themes integration is unbelievable. I actually had difficulty setting up a BlogSpot URL with the right plugins, as they are almost impossible to find! BlogSpot only has a few themes available, unless you want to buy them. Save money where money doesn’t need to be spent, and stick with setting up a WordPress blog.

Conclusion 3 – Using a BlogSpot site means giving free TrustRank and PageRank back to BlogSpot itself. Why would you want to help promote a company that in the end can screw up your rankings extremely bad? The benefit of WordPress is that it’s not a b*tch with links back to their homepage. I always say: Why help out another company for free with what you’ve been spending money on to earn? It just doesn’t add up in the end. Don’t give credit where credit is not due!

So, in the end, my heart is stuck with WordPress and will always be stuck with them. I’ve used multiple different blogging apps with complete disgust, and finally switching over to WordPress was an absolute benefit to the company. Free is not always the best route to take! Buy your domain, install WordPress, post daily, ping often, and have people share your content. If you know what you’re doing, a WordPress blog can explode in a matter of days to a few weeks!

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