5 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Essential Parts of Your Campaign

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Many people are looking for local search engine optimization tips. They may be the owner of a small business who does the SEO for his site on his own. They may also be someone who aspires to be a webmaster. Whatever your goal is, these tips for local SEO should be of help.

On Site Optimization Is a Must

Like in other search engine optimization campaigns, local SEO requires on-site optimization. Your website must have unique content. The pages must pass the standard requirements of SEO. Meta information should also be unique.

What If You Target Several Locations

Some websites don’t cater different countries or even the entire country but would love to target several cities or states. It is possible to target several locations. However, it is recommended that you allot a page for each location so the cars for sale in New York and cars for sale in California should be in separate pages. You can also create pages per city or borough such as Queens and Manhattan. When creating several pages, make sure that you will have an index page where visitors can easily look up the locations and pages.

Time for Off-Site Local SEO

Once your site is optimized, it is time to do off-site optimization. It does not mean that you have to submit to business listings. In fact, this is not necessary if you just want to get high rankings for local search of Google. You may need to do so if you are also targeting a higher rank on Bing.

To get a good spot on Google’s search results, be sure to submit to Google Places. You can submit per business location. Google Places even accepts bulk submission for those with multiple listings. Google Plus Business is also worth the time. However, it allows you to add only one address when choosing a local business for your page on Google Plus. If you will use it, make sure that you will get +1. It is usually better than Facebook likes or tweets in this case.

Link Building for Local SEO

Despite the Panda and Penguin updates in April, SEO still relies on link building but it has to be better this time. You still have to invest on link building but not in a way where you will buy bulk links. You have to choose the sites where you will have links pointing to your own site. Keep in mind that it’s great to have backlinks on sites that have something to do with the location. Your site should show up on local searches without the users even typing the name of city or state on the search bar.

You’ll Need Reviews Too

Lastly, reviews can help in local SEO. You can ask your customers to write reviews. Google likes natural reviews so veer away from obvious fake reviews as much as possible.

Follow these local search engine optimization tips and your site should be up the search results in no time. Start with on-site optimization and don’t forget off-site optimization by utilizing Google Places, Google Plus, other sites for link building, and sites where customers can publish reviews of your local business.

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