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Most vendors have determined that online advertising reaches a much broader customer potential than telemarketing, cold calling, or other assorted sales methodology that only reaches local customers. Advertising with online display ads has greater potential to reaching the customers who are specifically seeking the product or service being offered, but there are different types of advertising that relates to the media being used.

The most popular and well-known online types of display advertising include the following:

Pop-Up, Pop-Under, and Hover Ads – Most of these combine a banner ad in the form of a pop-up window that hovers in a transparent layer over the window. Generally the pop-up blockers on most standard browsers don’t block the pop-up ads when they are used in the form of Hover ads. Pop-Under ads are successful because the visitor doesn’t see them until the main window is closed which means they are not distracted by other ads. If they are effective and grab the visitor’s attention, there is a greater potential for the call-to-action button to be used and the visitor to enter the landing page.

Video Ads – With the advent of YouTube many people are becoming more and more proficient on creating videos. This is a great method to advertise a product and provide further information on the benefits and advantages of the product with minimal text and by using catchy music and video.

Roadblock – These are used for an exclusive engagement on particular websites that concurrently run the ad. These are generally very effective at grabbing the visitor’s attention, but this style is most likely very expensive because it requires the vendor to purchase all the advertising space on a specific web site for a specified period of time.

Rich Media Ads – These display ads hold the viewers attention because there is an interactive aspect to them. They can include games, rollovers, and even videos to maintain the visitor’s attention and get them to continue further.

Hybrid Ads – This type of ad is more customized with the branding of the vendor, and contains a variety of messages to entice the visitor along with assorted entertainment qualities.

Widgets – The widget has a very short texts that provides information about the product or service and has a call-to-action that redirects the visitor to the landing page, which will have expanded information on the product.

When vendors are looking at the type of advertising with online display ads that they can create to further market their products, there are a variety of styles that can be effectively used. These different styles help entice more consumers to enter the website or go to the landing page to further explore the benefits, features, costs, or advantages to the product they are seeking.

Compared to some of the older forms of advertising, these are frequently more cost effective because the internet is unlimited in where it can reach to potential customers. As more and more consumers are internet-literate, the potential customer base is expanded a great deal to destinations never before explored and at significant cost savings.

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