Building a Joomla Website for Business and Personal Blogs

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Admittedly, most websites run on the WordPress platform simply because it’s easier to manage and its directory structure is easier to understand for non-technical users. Yet, WordPress, or WP to its fans, isn’t the only open-sourced content management systems out there. One of the best alternatives to WP is Joomla, which can be used for building business sites or personal blogs.

Joomla Hosting Requirements

If you want to use Joomla, make sure you find services that offer the best Joomla hosting. Most likely you’ll find yourself comparing web hosting services based on the requirements of installing Joomla on your server. As of now, the most stable versions of this CM software are Joomla 2.5.x although the newer version 3.x is now out.

To install the software, you’ll need a PHP-based server, preferably version 5.3 and above. However, a server running on PHP 5.2.4 at least is fine. Because it’s a PHP server, you’ll need a MySQL database with versions 5.0.4 and above. You also need Apache with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib in versions of 2.0 and above. Alternatively, you may use Microsoft IIS version 7.

Out of the Box Features of Joomla

Aside from content, Joomla also offers an integrated management system for newsfeeds and RSS, internal and external links, users, media files, banners and ads, templates, and menus. Similar to WordPress, this CMS also makes use of extensions to allow website customization. The community supporting Joomla is vast and welcomes new users with questions regarding its installation and extensions.

Other Joomla Hosting Requirements to Look For

Although PHP, MySQL and Apache consist of the barebones structure required to install Joomla, there are other features in web hosting that users may find useful. Many hosting companies offer 24-7 server monitoring that guarantee 99.9% uptime service. This is especially valuable to businesses that need their customers to have continuous access to the site to shop and buy their products online. Moreover, hosts also provide high level security checks that use SSL certification, password protected directories, and open PGP/GPG encryption to prevent hackers and malware from breaching the server’s defenses and destroying data integrity.

If you have an online business, then you’ll need 24-hour support in adding an Agora or OS Commerce shopping cart. Check out Optimal Hosting’s website regarding the types of online shopping software. You also need help in configuring your merchant account to transact via Paypal or some other web payment service. Finally, you must be familiar with how online banking works and how you can accept credit card transactions securely.

With more than six years of writing experience behind him, Richard Taylor shows he’s still at the top of his game as he continues to write useful and updated content about the best Joomla hosting sites. Check out Optimal Hosting’s website regarding the server-side requirements for a Joomla installation with Agora or OS Commerce shopping cart software.

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