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Whether or not a domain name really makes that a large difference in getting good SEO results has been a hot topic of debate for a length of time. Some say it is essential, and an internet title or ‘handle’ should be the same as the business, organization, or person; others feel the opposite way, that it is possible to get results through other optimization methods.

While there is truth in both sides, common sense dictates that any group would want their URL to be as relevant to the actual work accomplished with the website as possible. Having a relevant internet address is not only essential in terms of brand recognition; it is a vital part of a successful optimization plan. The big question is, what is the best name.

A Good Domain Name

A good domain URL has a few properties that can be very important to any website or organization. Brand recognition is always something to consider since it makes it easy for a searcher to simply type a business name into a browser to find that company. Some good site titles can be created to include high-ranking keywords as well, though something that is easy to remember is the important key.


The most benefit is provided by the most memorable names that do include key words. Being able to pick one that somehow includes both the company title and a keyword is best. Any new business should consider this before even finalizing a business name. If the domain combines both brand identity and keyword, that’s the best choice as search engines will be able to easily index the site. This will increase the chance that customers will remember the site and easily return to it by simply typing the company name into any search engine and receive the best results for keyword searches.

There are other aspects of how domains get indexed and viewed by search engines, including how long the name has been around. Newer sites get less attention; this can sometimes be improved by better use of keywords in the domain or by increasing exposure in other ways such as using PPC ads, engaging heavily in social media, and trying to increased use of quality back links to name a few.


The main ways that a poorly chosen domain title hurts any website is by working against the optimization process and by not seeming relevant. More visits will probably happen to “Widgets by Bob” than to “best-widget-source”, even though the latter may do a fine business. Many different SEO methods work to gain website exposure; however, the first click is usually to the location that looks more professional in what is wanted.

The suffix or ending after the period plays a part in an efficient domain as well. Generally, sticking with top-level suffixes is always best: .com, .net, .org., and specific country derivatives like .us or .uk. Although pretty well controlled by the IANA, there are new ones showing up which can allow for preferred words or phrases already taken to be used; however, this can create confusion. The best idea is to stick with a top-level domain as search engines pay less attention to lesser levels.

Although it can be a little difficult, it is not impossible to find a great domain name – and it is fairly important as less desirable internet addresses can do well but will not achieve the same success long-term. Researching and brainstorming using keywords, business names and intended audience can help achieve such a goal. Be sure make a careful domain name choice, as changing that URL somewhere down the road is desirable at all. Coming up with the perfect URL may take some time; however, it is well worth the effort when found!

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