Top 4 Web Hosting Issues That Could Affect Your New Website

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Everyone talks about signing with a paid web host, but even some paid web hosts are dishonest. There are some things that you need to watch out for when it comes down to choosing a web host. This article will point out four of the most common web hosting scams that many newbies fall for.

1. Inaccurate advertisements

The simple age old bait and switch is the most common scam you will find from web hosting companies. This scam takes place when a company offers you a simple flat affordable price for every service they offer. You often find after signing up that in order to use basic and much needed services, you will have to pay extra fees. Some of the most common examples are limited web space, number of incoming emails and tech support that only “premium” users can use. How do you get around this? Ask right away if there are any limitations to signing up for the basic hosting package.

2. Fake Reviews

Fake reviews often plague the Internet. This is when a hosting company rigs the reviews written about them in order to work in their favor. Some websites even go as far as to downgrading reviews of other web hosts to make a certain one look appealing. Many of the promotions will seem too good to be true price wise. How can you avoid this? Always be careful when choosing to believe any one review.

3. Domain Name Trapping

Domain name trapping is another scam you need to steer clear of. What is domain name trapping? It can best be described when you first sign with a host and register your domain name; they don’t post the domain name under your name. The registered domain name will be under the company’s name. This means when you look to transfer your domain and website somewhere else, the host won’t let you, as the domain name is owned by them. They often try to get you to pay a hefty fine to transfer your domain name over to you. Avoid this by registering your domain under your name through a third party service and not your web host.

4. Unauthorized charges

Unauthorized charges and credit card scams are rare, but definitely not unheard of. This scam would often consist of someone stealing your credit card number or making unauthorized charges. Avoid choosing a host only based on a promised price. This will often eliminate any charges or credit card scams. Always use your American Express or other credit card when making payments. If a charge is fraudulent, call your credit card company ASAP and let them know that the charges are fraudulent. Always sound sure and don’t sound hesitant. Usually, charges are reversed within 24 hours.

No web host is perfect, but some of them run the fine line of just being plain illegal or doing things with criminal intent. This article discussed some of the ways that web hosts often take advantage of an unsuspecting newbie. Use the tips from this article to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a scam.

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