Why Do White Hat SEO?

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Such search engine optimisation methods generally involve taking part in various techniques in order to best the system and to trick the search engines. This can include trying to make your content seem better than it is or even more popular that it actually is.

An old example of a common SEO technique was that of keyword stuffing or having your keyword appear a certain percentage of times within your content, with the hope that Google will see your website as being more relevant than all the others. But this is an example, which thankfully just does not work any longer.

There are of course other frowned upon techniques than can be used, but these methods are not approved and they will ultimately get your site penalised and maybe even removed from the search engine index all together. In a nutshell it is best to stick with white hat SEO and this is what I will be writing about in the remainder of this article.

First, let us make a start by talking about your keyword usage. This really involves using your keywords and phrases effectively within the content of your website. This includes whether you have produced a video, an image or just written text on your website or your blog. The best thing that I can suggest is that you include your keyword or phrase just once. That is more than enough. Do not over do it, because it will start to look like spam and it will not read very well and your visitors will leave faster than they arrived.

Second we have the process of guest blogging. This is the rave nowadays and many people are involved. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Basically a blogger approaches another blogger with the intention of posting a guest post on another blog. So the receiving blogger receives some great free content for their website and you get a link or links back to your website. As well as the advantage of obtaining links your content gets to appears in a front of a whole new audience. This is really an excellent way for your content to get further syndicated via the social media channels.

Third, we will talk about natural inbound links. This is the ultimate goal in search engine optimisation. Google sees natural inbound links as quality votes from another webmaster. And by the word natural, I mean links that you did not create yourself. This therefore does not include links from an article directory, which is fine, but they do not carry the same weight as another webmaster linking to you of their own free will. This tells Google that your content is worth ranking for, simply because people are linking to you out of their own will.

And the best way to get natural links to your site is to create quality content and this is the fourth area that I want to talk to about.

Fourth, as mentioned, is all about quality content. This refers to having a content based website that is frequently updated with unique fresh content and Google loves such websites. Now you don’t need to be updating your site every hour of the day, but whatever schedule you come up with you need to stick to it. Do not have irregular patterns such as one blog post one month and then twenty updates the next. The main thing to remember is to be consistent as this will be beneficial from a search engine point of view and your readers will also appreciate consistent updates.

Quality content is also referred to as link bait, as you are essentially attracting others to link to you based on what you are producing, providing of course you are offering something unique which other webmasters just cannot find themselves.

Fifth, we need to discuss interior links within your site and this is relatively easy to perform. It simply refers to linking internally from one page to another. So if I write a post on SEO, within that post I can have links to other related posts such as link building or on-page optimisation. This helps to keep people on my site for longer and to reduce my bounce rate. And since Google has a lot of data concerning my site, if I can reduce a metric such as bounce rate, then it must mean that I am providing value for my audience and therefore I will ultimately see higher rankings.

Finally, let us talk about blog commenting. This is a white hat technique provided it is done correctly. Most people will abuse this and just write spam comments that are not related to the post, and they will comment solely with the intent of obtaining a link. But what you should do is to post something that is relevant, valuable and actually adds to the discussion.

Also when commenting don’t keep using your key phrases that you want to rank for, but mix it up with your own name and also your domain name.

White hat SEO is the only method that is legitimate because it works. Non-approved techniques will always be targeted and eventually removed. So if you don’t want to be losing sleep over your web rankings then you know what to do.

Sadhiv Mahandru has been developing websites and optimising them for over a decade. Specialising in SEO Oldham and throughout the UK. You can read more by visiting my frequently updated blog.

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