Why Keyword Variation Matters

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Keywords still matter. They used to matter a lot more, but they still matter a great deal. However, the use of the keywords in SEO has changed slightly. This is because a person no longer needs to spam a keyword across a page to rank for a term. The search engines have evolved past that point.

However, a smart website owner understands that they can get a lot more traffic if they optimize their site properly with keywords. One of the worst ways to try to generate traffic is to compete for a keyword that does not send any traffic at all. This means that a person wastes a lot of time working to get a good placement on the search engines for a keyword that never will send traffic to them at all. This happens more often than anyone would care to admit.

The way to avoid this problem is through proper keyword research. This will help a person determine what they should rank for and what they should ignore. A person should not optimize a website for a keyword that only has five visitors a month. This will not sustain their business for a long period of time. Therefore, smart optimizers know that they should choose keywords with volume and compete for those keywords as soon as possible.

The other way to make sure that a person is not competing for the wrong keyword is to get in the market and find out if it is the wrong keyword. The truth is that some keywords are not worth the time that it takes to rank for that keyword. If a keyword stalls out and the ranking does not increase no matter how aggressive they are with their SEO campaign, then that business or person should abandon that keyword as soon as possible. It will only become a burden and cause more headaches than it is worth.

The ultimate nullifier is always experience. Experience is an important part of SEO because a person never knows what a keyword will do until they are in the market competing for the first page for that keyword. This is the only time when they will have a realistic idea of what the keyword will do and how much work it will take to get the first page of the search engines for that keyword. This is the best an only way to find out if a keyword is worth the time it will take to figure out if it is worth the time involved to rank for it.

In closing, a person needs to consider their keyword research carefully and compete for the keywords that they can compete for in that moment. The truth is that there are many giant corporations who are competing for the same keyword that the business owner is competing for in that moment of time. This means that the person is going to have a hard time getting that keyword. Therefore, it is smart to get into the market and find out what it will take before they go full stream into the wind.

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