Why Linking to Authority Sites Is Important for SEO

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One of the factors that most people do not think about in SEO is linking to Authority sites. Linking to Authority sites means that a website is willing to share its authority with another site that they feel is important. This is an important practice that most professional search engine optimizer’s overlook. This is because it is not intuitive to what the search engine optimizer would seem to want to do.

A webpage that is linked from an authority site lends its authority to the webpage it that it links to in the anchor text link. This is why some professional search engine optimizer’s do not link to authority sites in their own text. This is because they would rather not give their authority to another page. This is because they have worked hard to generate authority for their own page. Why would they want to share this authority with another page? Especially with a page that is already authoritative and does not need the extra authority?

However, there is a lot of evidence that says that a site that links to an authority page tends to get better rankings after linking to the authority site. Why is this? This is because this is the way the Internet works naturally in most cases. The basic users of the internet decide to link to authority sites or resources to prove their points. Most website owners do not care or do not realize that they are letting their own authority to other pages when they link to them. Therefore, the search engines believe that a website should link to an authority page because that shows that they were following the etiquette of the Internet.

Most of the search engines believe that web pages should be like library books. There should be footnotes and if a person is so inclined to read that note in further detail they should be allowed to go to the place in that book to read more about that fact. This means that information is shared across many websites. The websites that generate a lot of back links in this way are more relevant than those websites that do not have a lot of one-way links to their page.

Whatever the case may be, the person who is interested in raising their search engine ranking should consider linking to more authority sites on their page. They should not be hidden links as the search engines look for hidden text and penalize people for using the hidden text. They should be out in the open and there should be no more than two or three links to authority sites. An overabundance of links on a page alerts the search engine that some sort of SEO manipulation has occurred.

In the old days of search engine optimization, a person would try and put as many keywords on a page as possible. This meant that a person would also vary their keywords inside of anchor text links that usually lead back to the same page. However, the search engines have become aware of this fact and now penalize people for trying this strategy.

In conclusion, linking to authority sites is one of those things that every website must do. Most website owners do not even realize that they should be doing it. However, those websites that do link to authority sites tend to help bring those websites higher in search engines. They also tend to rank higher than websites that try to keep all the traffic to themselves. Therefore, it is smart for a website owner or business to link to authority sites to help them raise their ranking in the search engines.

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